Artist Feature: Kazuaki – カズアキ


Kazuaki is a fairly well known artist, both for her art and the unfortunate event (read this post for more information).


She was in K E 100S circle with Fujisawa Yui I think? They did some FMA doujinshi like the images above, Rendezvous with the Military Dog and Shishakushibyou no Hoka.


She did illustrations for novels and an Otome game called Starry☆Star. Apparently, you use a female student who’s the only girl in an all boy school, blah blah blah… And I guess the interesting concept about this game is that they come out with different male characters every month. :D Kawaii Janakya Dame nano! has review on the game Official Site for the game with all the characters listed. Kazuaki’s illustration of all the character design other than the front page XD


Kazuaki has a manga titled, Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki. Here’s the translated back cover:

Aritsune is the head of the clan which wields the power of “Kaiyori”. As long as one can obtain the “Aya” which the clan head holds, no matter who, he will gain magnificent powers… He lives in a normal school life with his trusted aid, Chika and his beloved sister, Akira. But, without noticing, and also due to the powers he wield, everything started to change…

Anyway, to end the post, here’s the link to Kazuaki’s K E100S site. :D


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