Artist Feature: Sato


I’m a sucker for pretty things! Today I saw this doujinka’s work, and I immediately fell in love with it. Her drawings are really superb, and it’s not the usual manga proportions, as in there’s more volume and shape to her characters.

The thing I love about this doujinka, Sato is that she shares her sketch in the site. And it’s such an eye opener to be able to look at those drawings. Personally, I find her sketches really impressive and it’s as good as a finished work. Sigh, sometimes, people just have that talent. She’s really good.

One thing though, too bad I’m not into Gundam 00 even though I’ve watched the series. After the disaster I had with GSD… So, Gundam 00 fans out there, please support this artist by buying her work, promoting her, give her lots of love and hopefully, I do mean hopefully, someone will hire her as an illustrator or even better, be a mangaka! I wouldn’t mind spending thousands on buying her manga or artbook. T__T Just too pretty.


Here’s a page taken from her Gundam 00 doujinshi, Blissful Slumber. It looks really pretty! And the cover is drool worthy. And she was selling her doujinshi at the recent Comic Market76 event. A list of works she sold then.

This is one of my favourite comic panel from her. The completed version’s up in her site. I really suck at using Berol marker, so when I see really well done work like that, I’d get really excited… high even? Berol marker’s usually used by artist for fast sketch and the outcome’s usually like that. If anyone knows Ayami Kojima, there are some of her works done like that too. The medium may not be Berol, but it’s a similiar tool I guess.

(Note: Junk section’s where she puts up her work… Don’t ask me why she labeled them as junk, but if those are junks to her, how will her real work be?)

Sato’s Vintage site:
List of doujinshi:


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