Artist Feature: Karuta Shiki – 士基軽太

Today I’m introducing another illustrator which I like, Karuta Shiki. Her works mostly looks as if their are painted with watercolour, but if I’m not wrong, I think she did mention she used Corel Painter. :D Wonderful program, but you need a really good computer specs to run it smoothly. Like most illustrator, she does some novel illustrations and also drew illustrations for a doujinshi CD. So head over to her site and marvel at her work, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, she’s also in one of the Comic Market issue (76 if i’m not mistaken).



Doujinshi CD – Kago no Naka no Mekakushi Oni 籠の中の目隠し鬼



Doujinshi CD –Sakura no Mori no Mekakushi Oni 桜の森の目隠し鬼

Songs composed, written, sang and all by Mimei



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