Omg, obsessive much?

Can’t believe I’m posting this on my 100th post. Kira just sent me this page on how obsessed a fan girl can be. I’ve got to applaud the girl’s courage to touch her monthly cycle’s blood to write that piece of letter out :D Along with the pubic hair too. She even posted up her pad. Hahaha, I think she’s borderline psycho right about now.

Is it me, or those 2PM dudes looks like drug addict with their makeup like that D: I don’t listen or go looking for Kpop stuff, maybe that’s their style or something. Poor guy, I think he’ll be so mentally scarred that he’ll turn homo. Lol.


10 thoughts on “Omg, obsessive much?

  1. XDDDDD Well, this 100th post of yours is quite something. (sure its memorable…)I am not sure I understood the borders of being a fan till I saw this. -shivers- But I agree with your comment of those 2PM guys, they look like (sexy?) zombies. DD:

  2. u know the proof pictures of her panties… I feel that the censored one might feel more disgusting XD but after no censor dont feel much… maybe coz too normal edi for girls… lolz

  3. Omg poor 2pm!!X_XHow could someone do something so- inhuman! Down right "ugh"…I guess this tops outrageous fan letters.;;;

  4. lol yea. poor 2PM…(wah i forgot to mention in last post that i love your blog. I ran into not long ago while trying to find Vintage(sato) doujinshi's. Your post are interesting an i love your artwork! Especially the arc fantasia one!♥)I ran into this article today. Another horrible fan Letter… one is more upsetting… Aww poor Lee…These crazy fan girls need to stop an wake up to reality. That are get a boyfriend maybe?;;

  5. Omg, did she slit her wrist for real?! Wtf is this world coming to! They're just tarnishing the good name of kpop with their obsessive behaviour D: And I'm going to repeat myself… Poor Lee D:Thanks for the comment ^_^ I don't remember doing fantasia artwork though D: I think you got the wrong person ^_^

  6. Yea she slit her wrist…X_X i must say this isn't as worst as the girl who committed suicide live on nico site.;;Ah! I'm so sorry, how embarrassing!;///;(Yea my memory is going these days i blame work for that.OTL;)

  7. *Pats* It's all right ^_^Suicide? The one where she's being emo and cutting? Or the clip of someone jumping off a building? O.O Either one, it's scary… though I don't know what's going on for the latter one. XD

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