Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum


Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum, the oldest recoded same-sex couple in history. I started class today, and I was researching on the French philosopher, Michel Foucault, and his work on history of human sexuality. And somehow or rather it leads to this. I’m pretty sure my lecturer didn’t intend for me to learn stuff like these, but heck, it’s so interesting. There’s a line in Wikipedia that made me “LOL”:

In the most striking portrayal, the two embrace, noses touching, in the most intimate pose allowed by canonical Egyptian art, surrounded by what would appear to be their heirs.

Heirs? Are they married? Lol, anyway, I think I’m taking this too literary but it’s still kind of sad that same-sex couple’s actually recognised thousand of years ago, and the so-called open society of the modern world seems to condemned it. I shall blame the influence of Christianity and Western culture.

Be it whether we like it or not, we’ll always be influenced by the thinking of Western culture. Capitalism at work here!  Wonder what fascinating topic I’ll learn next. I’m wishing I took psychology now, it’s so much more interesting to study the minds of human beings rather than make fake 3d stuff look real… ugh.

Speaking of Michel Foucault, I like the way he thinks.

“Well, you thought this a few years ago and now you say something else,’ my answer is… [laughs] ‘Well, do you think I have worked hard all those years to say the same thing and not to be changed?”

I find that so true… Anyway, what I found out is he’s er… gay (that’s a plus to me). I think I’ll label him as my favourite philosopher who didn’t go crazy before his death, unlike Sigmund Freud. His partner, Daniel Defert, became an active AIDS activist due to his death, and to think they were together for 20 years until Foucault’s death. So sweet… (I’m twisted and shallow, bite me :D)


5 thoughts on “Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum

  1. My god. It looks like a marriage photo (coos)That is one interesting topic to be studying XD But that philosopher is one sweet guy, 20 years together?? Awww…

  2. LOL, marriage photo eh :DBut I seriously doubt my lecturer intended us to learn about those stuff though, lol, just wait till I pop the question to her :D

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