Naruto… Live action?!

Sometimes, when you’re researching through sites in Google, you’ll most probably end up in completely different topics, right? Well, I was searching on “Conceptual art” which led me to Asian artist and some how or rather, I ended up with a shock of my life with Naruto Shippuden musical/live action which happened in Universal Studio Japan summer last year. I am still very speechless… So grab more photo from this blog here, it’s in Japanese but the picture tells a lot anyway. Ugh, scarred…


3 thoughts on “Naruto… Live action?!

  1. OMGWTFBBQ!!!!???Please tell me it is just live action, no musical please, no musical please!!!! DDD: That hurts both my eyes and my brain… And it has happened last year summer too…. OTL -face palms- Japanese people cease to amaze (and most definitely scar) me…

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