So many things to say, so little time…

I’ve been busy the past 3 weeks because I took winter intersession classes, which meant that I had classes (online, thank god) every single day. Last week’s happy news was, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi will finally gets some recognition! With the announcement of the animation series being planned, I think the series will reel in more fans, as with Junjou Romantica, I doubt most of the fans actually read the manga first… I prefer SiH’s plot line compared to JR, since in JR the only pair I read is the Egoist pair, but I pretty much like all the current 3 pairings in SiH, they’re just too cute to be true!

Onwards to bigger news. Every month, I make it a point to visit every publisher’s website to look for manga to buy. And today, when I was in Hana to Yume’s site, I found this!


Finally! The publisher’s going to publish the rest of the chapters that were in the magazine decades ago! I read theria’s translation then, with just bits and pieces of images to help me visualise, now I can seriously read the bloody chapters! Does this mean the mangaka’s planning to continue the series? I don’t know if anybody read her latest (2004 I believe) work, but the drawing style totally changed, I prefer her older style. I guess playing too much ps2 games does that to you. *stares*

I think I’ll buy the tankouban in Japanese now, since I can’t get my Chinese copy here… And Kurikara’s on the cover this time! I want it now… D: *orders from Kino*


2 thoughts on “So many things to say, so little time…

  1. OO! It's them! I think I only read the first book or so of it but it was really good from what I can still remember XDD I had no idea there were already 12 books released already!I hope you get it soon~

  2. Yesh! After 8 years of suffering, I HOPE she continues the story, I've already read the chapters that are in vol 12, so it really doesn't make a difference. Hopefully this is a sign that the mangaka's finally going to continue!

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