New Anime to Look Forward to…


During Nitro + CHiRAL 5th Anniversary party, they announced the BL game “Togainu no Chi”‘s going to be made into an anime series. I do hope it’ll turn out decent, like Junjou Romantica quality. So a long with TnC, there’s still Sex Pistol and the remake of Ai no Kusabi to look out for. I wonder when they’ll be coming out…

Official Site for the TV series :D


6 thoughts on “New Anime to Look Forward to…

  1. D: Well from that picture it looks ok, but it's so different from how it was in the game or manga… Shiki looks like an uke… *sobs*

  2. The trailer for it was awesome, have you seen it yet?i can't wait for this anime! Im a big fan of the bl game~<3~"Shiki looks like an uke… *sobs*"lol! he kinda does.XD;;

  3. Yea, watched the trailer, the animation there's surprisingly smooth for the action scenes, hopefully it's like that in the anime too, I'm looking forward to it :DI'm gonna repeat myself again… SHIKI LOOKS LIKE AN UKE… SOBS!! >__<

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