Updates and Instant noodles!


I’ll be spamming a few post later to update a few translations I put up in my LJ. Those will take about 2 posts. Then, I’ve uploaded some manga raws too. They’ve been sitting in my draft for months and some of which I’ve uploaded for OS for preview purposes, whether to take the project or not… I wonder if the links stay active for long. They’re still valid though.

Today, Justin and Hung went this Chinese supermarket, Old Manila and bought some things for me, namely my oh-so-beloved Milo (11USD gone!). AND Justin found a real treasure there too… Maggi instant noodles! It’s 59 cents per packet, yes per packet, not those 5 in 1 package deal. Only 1 bloody packet. But who am I to complain, it’s Maggi!

A friend of mine from UK hasn’t seen one, so I went google-ing for them. Other than pictures, I’ve learnt some really disturbing facts about the way I’ve been cooking my noodles. Apparently, it’s slowly killing me from inside.

This is how I cook my noodles.
1. Boil the water.
2. Once water’s boiled, add in msg packet and the noodles together.
3. And when the noodle starts to become soft, (still retaining a little of its crispiness) take out the noodle.
4. Beat in an egg into the boiling pot of msg heaven, and once it’s boiling again, pour the soup into the bowl of noodle. Bon appetit!

But, what I didn’t know was that MSG changes molecule structure when in boiling heat and those instant noodles were covered in wax. So when I eat the soup (drink?), I’m actually taking in the wax as well as the toxic MSG. O_O Silent killer…

So the “correct” way to cooking instant noodles should be like this instead.
1. Boil water.
2. Once water’s boiled, add in noodles.
3. When the noodle’s ready, take them out and pour away the water. (Yes, waste water)
4. Boil another pot of water.
5. When it’s done, add the noodles back in and turn off the fire.
6. While it’s hot, add in the MSG and mix.
7. Bon appetit!

Using that way, it takes more than the 2 minutes Maggi has been advertising for the noodles to cook. And, only way to add more ingredients would be before the MSG. Sigh…


6 thoughts on “Updates and Instant noodles!

  1. YES! I am cooking my noodles the right way :DD Though to shorten the time span, I just have two pots of boiling water at the same time(yes waste electricity AND water), one for noodles and the other for the glorious msg.

  2. Uso! >_< Okay, I think it's high time I change then… ugh. Problem is, I only have 1 small pot, gotta buy another one for instant noodles >D

  3. wait..why dont u fuse the two…1. Boil water.2. Once water's boiled, add in noodles, beat in an egg into the boiling pot and until it's boiling again.3. When the noodle's ready turn off the fire.4. While it's hot, add in the MSG and mix.5. Bon appetit!

  4. Well, if you beat the egg in then, we'll be eating the was from the noodle. Usually I add the egg after the MSG, all in the same pot, talk about lazy XD

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