Kusomiso is taking over the world!

These are really old clips, but I rewatched them yesterday ’cause I came across Ookiku Furikabutte’s opening yesteday for the first time. Please watch these in order to see their awesome Kusomiso remake of the opening. :D


Kusomiso version

Kusomiso version with subtitles that really really sounds like what Base Ball Bear’s singing. :D

Yes, I’ll never be able to watch Ookiku the same way ever again, if I ever want to watch it…

And if anybody has niconico account, this clip here is even more epic! The user made an amv using Jam Project’s GONG about some “distant” future (right now =o) Japan where the government banned all homosexual activities and gays are being caught and eliminated. It’s all crazy fun with light sabers coming from some parts of the body. =p Worth the time to make an account in niconico.


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