Panic! Σ(゚Д゚|||)

I just realise, we won’t be getting any new chapter of Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki anytime soon. After I’m done with translating volume 2, which is quite soon, we’d have to wait for Kazuaki-sensei to start drawing them again… Which means 4 more chapters and we’ll all be stuck at a major cliffhanger. If I’m free enough this Friday, I could finish about 2 chapters… and other 2 more on Saturday. Wistful thinking, I know.

This is the first issue of Kyun!. Which I didn’t find any chapters of Kaiyorihito in it. Came out during 15th of October the same year. It’s suppose to be a re-branded version of B’s-LOG.  Is Kazuaki going to publish that manga in another magazine? This series’s just so… hard to find information about. Makes me want to weep.

According to Kazuaki’s site, which she always list all the works she had done. The last chapter of Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki was in B’s-LOG July issue in 2009.

6/12   comic B’s LOG7月号 漫画

If, according to my speculations, volume 2 was published during 28th of February during that same year, then we should have about 4-5 chapters that’s suppose to be in volume 3. Not really enough for one tankouban. And it’ll be a waste for me to buy the magazine since I only follow this title rapidly. If anybody out there who buys B’s-LOG magazine (now I think it’s called Kyun!) are willing to provide more info about those chapters (which I’m speculating she should have), it’ll be great. I think I spent like 6 hours trying to find information on the net. I’ve never read so much Japanese in my life tonight. D:

Here’s a 2009 March Issue cover to ease the pain T_T It comes with a file folder too D:

Speaking of which, Kazuaki’s latest illustration work for Konohara Narise (author for Castle Manga <3), Parasitic Soul got me confused. At first I thought it was a novel, then it got published in Wings, which publishes comics. Then, I guess this page made me convinced that it’s a novel. Damn, no more borderline BL  incest story. I wonder how it got into a shoujo magazine…

Illustrations can be found here! It’s a Chinese fan club for Kazuaki but should be self explanatory.

Chinese translations (someone’s an even better fan girl than I am…): Chap 01 | Chap 02


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