Hollywood version of Death Note… D:?

You heard me, they’re doing it again. Is this going to be another disaster like Dragonball? You be the judge.

Join the anti-American Death Note group in FB here!

And sign petition to not have them cast Zac Effron as Yagami Light… That’s be scary, I almost want to watch just to see how “nice” it’d be though, I wonder if they’ll really cast him, or whether the movie’s really in production right now… D: Oh well, just sign in case I’m wrong.

IMDB page.

And woah, Malaysian papers got featured in Wikipedia’s info about the remake. I loled at it ’cause… Yea… Copy and paste this from Wikipedia.

North American Remake

In 2007, the Malaysian paper The Star stated that more than ten film companies in the United States had expressed interest in the Death Note franchise. The American production company Vertigo Entertainment was originally set to develop the remake, with Charley and Vlas Parlapanides as screenwriters and Roy Lee, Doug Davison, Dan Lin, and Brian Witten as producers. On April 30, 2009, Variety reported that Warner Bros., the distributors for the original Japanese live-action films, had acquired the American rights for the remake, with the original screenwriters and producers still attached. The release date is tentatively set for the year 2011.


7 thoughts on “Hollywood version of Death Note… D:?

  1. for real?!!don't think it'll turn out well.. I mean obviosly I ca't imagine ZAC as LIGHT @.@but I still wanna see it too coz am curious how well it be X3

  2. Is this for real??! I am tempted, like thoroughly tempted, b/c zac effron as light is too much!! I am really curious as to how it turns out… -snickers-

  3. It's listed in IMDB under production… Last time DB got listed in there, the movie did come out in the end D:Lol, everybody's just interested to see Zac Effron as Light. He doesn't need to dye his hair though, it's about the right colour :D

  4. Oh man, oh man, oh man, it is going to come true isn't it… DD: Zac Effron as Light is just too much for words…I dread and anticipate for this… -covers face in shame-

  5. lol omg at first i was like "what!"at the thought of yet another American remake. An then i saw the actor….i was like "*o*" i kinda want to see how this turns out! XD

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