Facts of life…

I’m suppose to be doing assignments, so why am I blogging right now. Gi’s “staring” at me not doing my work now… D: I have such a short attention span someone better kick me!

Anyway, I was browsing though Sankaku’s site yesterday 3am, reading about hentai and loli… As if, I read those things. I don’t remember how I got there or what I reading about, just tones of weird stuff (rape, gang rape, crossdresser molesting a 32 year old man, Osake banning BL!) happening around the life of an otaku, but yea… Any MGS fans out there? There’s this fan-made posters about a possible game Kojima will come up with. Note I said “possible”, it is neither confirmed nor is it true… But hey, if it were, I don’t mind getting a new DS just to play it!


Translations from top to bottom:
“If I’m with you, then the night scenery in Manhattan wouldn’t be too bad.”
At that moment, the bond changed to love.
Tokimeki Metal Gear.
~Girl’s side 1st Mission~

I’m wondering if there’s a girl’s side, does this mean we have boy’s side too? I’m already imagining that snake poster talking to Raiden with sparkles all around him. *swoons* I don’t know why, the poster just screams gay. Gah! Fujoshi mind taking over…


I’m so lazy to translate the taglines, but you get to choose those 12 characters to partner with, good luck! The one whose picture isn’t in it is Johnny, who’s in the toilet right now. :D I have to stress again, this isn’t official, and never will Kojima do a Tokidoki to his baby. NEVER! No matter how tempting it is!

Then I tortured myself by looking at food photos. Oh how delicious they are. I have to blame Fuji for this, why did you have to talk about going Hokkaido, Japan. I wouldn’t have browse through internet to show you what wagashi means… *sobs*

If you’re wondering what the hell are wagashi, feast your eyes on Bananagranola’s wagashi, they are so pretty that you can’t even think about eating them. UGH! Yes, I stalk this photographer. Her food photos are all so gorgeous!

Another one I stalk is Bossacafez, she has her own food blog too, recipes for food she cooked. I love her cakes! They’re all so preeeetty! And macarons too. *sobs* I want to bake too…

Tthis morning, well noon, since I just woke up an hour ago, I got directed to a site that provides translation service. They translate manga and doujinshi for you for a fee. It’s their way of promoting people to buy manga, as in the Japanese tankouban. I find that what they’re doing isn’t… wrong in a sense that it isn’t right either. If I’m not mistaken, the publisher has the copyright to all the text related to the manga, even the translations, no? I got told off a few times for translating Nakamura’s stuff… Blegh.

I guess it’s okay for them to charge the person per book, they don’t share translations they get paid for to the public, which I find it’s still quite okay to do so. But, the thing I’m really queasy about is that the provide service to scanlation groups too. That just spells wrong to me. It’s like “illegalising” the “noble” idea of promoting manga through translations… Imagine if I charge for reading my translations, I bet everybody will start throwing stones at me. Oh well, whatever ticks. I know some group who’s in desperate need of translators, they’ll resort to that.


3 thoughts on “Facts of life…

  1. I am more curious about the boy's side now XDD The ojisan looks too much like a ninja… at night in manhatten (this imagery is breaking down on me DDD: )It is so pretty, the wagashi but I am more tempted by the other blog you stalk XD THOSE look too good DD:

  2. That snake is a semi ninja I guess, he's always sneaking around backstabbing people or stun gunning them XD I love Bossacafez's pictures, they all look so… inedible cause they're just too pretty!~

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