Have I ever posted here about my crazy online orders from Kinokuniya of 21 light novels about a week ago? Anyway, Kinokuniya mailed me today, telling me that they’re sending the parcel over tomorrow via UPS and they charged my card 257USD with tax. Cali’s state tax is just too much, 9%?

So, being the crazy little girl that I am, I happily spent months worth of savings, now I have to cut back on a lots of things, like manga purchases. It’s such a cruel thing that Amatsuki vol 11 and Di(e)ce vol 5 came out this month, damn you Ichijinsha, damn you! I just bought Hi no Matoi from you last month! ;__;

Cover of one of the novels I bought, (I bought all 3 books!~)

Other than Walhalla, the rest of the 18 books are illustrated by Kazuaki, I’m such a fangirl, I hate myself. ;__;

Oh, pandabox did this marvelous doraemon cosplaying other characters from series ranging from anime to game to movie, really well done! Check them out here. Ah, doraemon, reminds me of my childhood! I love the marvel ones though… Batman’s so Russell… and the spiderman’s so cute!

On another note, the list of BL magazine deemed harmful (hence that equals to ban)  in Osaka’s out. Check out the list here at ANN. What I don’t get is… why Reijin ;___; I don’t remember reading 10 pages of sex from that magazine, unless they count 10 pages out of the 300++ pages in the magazine. This is a conspiracy. Now I can’t go Osaka to get my stash of manga while having fun eating there. I have to make a detour to Tokyo now… What a scam. Well, not like they’re trying to make a nationwide ban of yaoi, that’ll be a serious problem then. Ciel magazine’s safe from the ban by the way, hence even people in Osaka can get their fix of Sekaiichi and Junjou Romantica, isn’t that nice. ;) IF, one day I have to get BL from Osaka, I’ll have to go to the adult section where they put all those hardcore porn for man to get my shounen ai stuff. I think that’s even worst…

Oh speaking ban, Tokyo’s still trying to ban loli there, even though they’ve failed a few times. They’re trying to ban Evangelion too, you can read the reactions of fans here at Sankaku. ;D Good luck trying to ban Eva!


12 thoughts on “COME TO ME MY LIL' PRETTIES!

  1. 21 light novels…!! Just wow XD You are SO willing to spend so much XD Btw, taxes here are 13% OTL||Wahh~ The ding-dongs(I never liked the name doraemon) are so cute~~ Some of the designs are so funny XD I personally like SpongeBob cos~

  2. Omg, 13% is like asking you to vomit blood out and pay through your lungs D: I'm willing for now, wait till I get my books and I'll be berating myself for being so stupid :DXD The Spongebob cos is scary!

  3. alright then… =___= how about Juss and Gi? how come they dont get referenced to doraemonz…. Juss = Capt. America and Gi = Green Lantern… hahaha XD

  4. who is the artist of Walhalla? It looks like maybe Himemiko but i'm not sure i can't locate anything about the novel.:(

  5. The artist is Aya. XD I just started reading the story. It's about a boy who was in a freak meteor incident which killed practically everybody in the area and for some unknown reason, the boy is the only one alive. So right now he's some guinea pig for an astrology research center. 8D So far that's the gist of it.

  6. Thank you so much!!<3Ah that artist an Himemiko have almost similar style. She is the same who did the artworks for Flesh & Blood drama cds/novel if i remember correctly? (i got mixed up then too;;) I wish she had a art site so i can drool over her beautiful works.;_;From your summary the story looks really interesting. I found it at yesasia i hope i can order it sometime.(had bad experience with them not long ago;)

  7. She's (Aya) the same artist who did the illustration for Flesh and Blood's drama CD and the one who took over illustrating the novel after Yukifune Kaoru went on hiatus. I don't think her name is read as Himemiko?I wish she has a site too! I want to stalk this illustrator. That's the only reason why I bought the book. It has 2 more sequels which I think it's quite appropriate because the first book just feels like an introduction/prequel. For the first half of the book, nothing interesting really happens. After that it starts getting more interesting. 8DIf you have Kinokuniya in your country, try ordering from them. Or straight away from It's quite expensive since it's ems but the service's not bad (fedex dude's kinda cool :D)

  8. Ah, im sorry! When i wrote about Himemiko i was referring to the two artists art styles. Himemiko (circle "rockndolless") And Aya's personal art style being a bit similar. Sorry for confusing.;Thanks a lot for recommendation! I'll take a look at Kinokuniya.^^

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