Durarara!! Shizaya is SO CANON!

Shizu-chan: Well, I’m heading to Shinjuku to murder that Izaya.

Erika: Hey, hey, Shizu-chan definitely loves Izaya-san right!
Erika: Those two… feel so boys love!
Everybody: No such thing!

Shizaya is so canon! I love the fact that Durarara has a fujoshi character in there! And I knew something’s fishy with that Sonohara character, you go girl!


10 thoughts on “Durarara!! Shizaya is SO CANON!

  1. Ep16 is out!!!??? It was the exact same as the light novel, when I read that part, I almost screamed out loud XDDDDI am going to see it now~ :3

  2. Russ!! You're stalking me!~ Durarara!!'s an interesting anime, heck even Gi's hooked on to it. ;D It's a must watch! I don't know whether manga's better or not, since I don't read it, but the anime's good… Been a long time since there's any decent anime around… Dude your new blog's crying to be updated D:

  3. haha XD abt my blog… im not gonna use it for updates nemore, since i've been updating on FB already…

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