Most Heart-wrenching Fanfic ;__;

I’m not fond of vampire fanfics. Ever. I can bet you there are only a handful out there that’s well written (13 year olds writing yaoi is just…) or not a fanfic remake of Twilight. I thought to myself, I’ll never read one. But since this was written by kodak-85, author of an ingenious sasunaru fanfic, Purple, maybe it won’t be so bad.

Hook, line and sinker.

I got addicted to it. Following it chapter by chapter, having my poor heart tear bit by bit. It is such a heart-wrenching fanfic that I think she could just replace all those Sasuke and Naruto, and turn it into her own story. You’ll feel for all the characters, the good and the evil. You don’t have to know or even like the Naruto series to read this masterpiece. When the story ended yesterday, I just feel so… empty and sad. It’s a must read!

After ranting so much, I shall present you kodak-85’s Dentes, formally known as Teeth. Enjoy it and tear your hearts out like what I did to my sis!

*Sulks and emo in the corner*

Oh read Purple too, it’s such a… bizarre fanfic. D:


2 thoughts on “Most Heart-wrenching Fanfic ;__;

  1. this is my first time to read a fic of Narutoit was so sweet~, so heart breakingI didn't leave the story till I finished it all<<

  2. ;__; Glad you like it. I'm still skeptical about her having to make a sequel though, it's quite possible for Sasuke to come back alive ;__;

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