Kazuaki Artbook!

I KID YOU NOT! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Such good news! I’ll try to pre-order it now, just open Mandarake’s site without looking through properly… So happy~
EDIT: NUH!!! NO PRE-ORDERS YET. MANDARAKE YOU FAIL ;__; Don’t make me happy by posting a page only to not set up a page for pre-ordering. ;__; FAIL! Not even on Amazon Japan. *Sobs*

Oups, I think I left this post with so little information the other day, I shall copy and pasted what I wrote on Ochibichan’s blog. I am that lazy, it’s a sin. Visit here for the original post. Yes, no information on pre-ordering yet. Japanese fans’s spamming poor Mandarake editor’s tweeter just asking about it.

Estimated release date: End of July (according to tweet and that image)

Number of pages: 240 (apparently there should be 200 works completely coloured)

Price: 2800 yen without tax (after all the tax, shipping and conversion rates you have to pay, it should be 45-50USD for the book)

List of series that’s suppose to in there, there’re many more BL novel titles that aren’t in there:

☆ Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki
☆ Vampire Kiss (English Novel by Ellen Schreiber translated into Japanese)
☆ Jikan Shounin (Light Novel)
☆ Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica ダン・サリエルとイドラの魔術師 (There are many series to this title, only this one’s illustrated by Kazuaki. There are manga versions too, like the Black series, Cardinal Crimson, and Eternal White.
☆ Dragon Killer series (Another light novel)Kirishima Rikka-sensei’s Gloria Gakuen Series (BL light novels, I OWN THEM!)
☆ Kannou Mukashibanashi (Drama CD with Inoue Kazuhiko as the narrator. *_* Fourth in the series, others are drawn by other artist, like second in the series’s drawn by Kazuki Yone.)

I’ll spam more when I get something from tweeter, editor’s going to slip up some information somehow D8!

NOW WE CAN PRE-ORDER FROM AMAZON.CO.JP, Neowing, E-hon and Amiami ! Wonder why we can’t order from Mandrake itself… ;__;

Another edit… D:
My sister managed to pre-order a copy of Kazuaki’s artbook from Kinokuniya. So people fortunate enough to have one near you, don’t need to go through the hassle of purchasing online. If it’s from Kinokuniya, expect to pay about 44.5USD for the book or less…

5 thoughts on “Kazuaki Artbook!

  1. Wahhhh, drool-worthy art!! v I understand the pain of not being able to order! I feel the same when I wanna buy doujinshis and they don't ship overseas!! DDD:

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