Tagura Tohru's セロ・メロウ

I just got to make an announcement for this. I simply adore Tagura Tohru’s illustrations. And Sero Merou (Cello Mellow?) is her first manga tankoubon too. I’ve read the chapters in Rutile’s Sweet online reader (Here‘s Tagura’s page). Even though the story’s kinda awkward and the proportion’s off in some of the character, but nonetheless, I shall buy the book for I LOVE her illustrations!

Anyway, Tagura-sensei has another oneshot out in the latest Rutile’s magazine too! Glad she finally move into manga. If Kinokuniya brings this book in, maybe I can translate the chapters… *_*

Title: セロ・メロウ
ISBN: 9784344819542
Mangaka: 田倉トヲル
Pubsliher: 幻冬舎コミックス (幻冬舎)
Published Date: 2010/05
Number of pages: 170
Price: ¥619

Buy: Amazon.co.jp


3 thoughts on “Tagura Tohru's セロ・メロウ

  1. Nods nods nods! If I have enough money (and if I'm working) I'd buy all the novels she's illustrated D8!! Alas, I'm broke now. Sad ;__;

  2. Your poor soul~~ If I was rich, I would shower you with money XDD -pat pat- One day, you would be abl to own all the things she illustrated~ XD

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