Where to get this Rum?

Stumbled upon this ad while flipping through my BF’s Sailing World magazine, a magazine about… sailing, yea. I just got to scan it for my sis. Lol, if it wasn’t for the word “Mount” it wouldn’t be as funny. But apprently Mount Gay Rum is really good and old, vintage even. So now where can I get my hands on one O_O?

Oh yea, my sister managed to order for me Kazuaki’s artbook from Kinokuniya! Yay!!


5 thoughts on “Where to get this Rum?

  1. Oh, wow, cheezy, I should really get this for my roommate. xDD She'd looove the name of that thing. Ahaha. xD

  2. -slams head on desk- Now its time to use this: OH LOL!! I would seriously like one too… (despite being underaged AND hating liquor.) But really, who gives when it is called MOUNT GAY-rum. Congrats on ordering the artbook~~

  3. @kuinni: Dear, if you buy that, remember to take a picture and share with us 8D I promise I'll do that if I get to it first 8D@Kuro: Thanks! XD Best thing is I love rum, rum ice cream taste like heaven! *mounts* ;D You can get your dad to buy you that rum when you're legally allowed to drink.

  4. I'll try but then again, I'm pretty sure my sisters would know the only reason why I would want to try this rum in particular XDDDD

  5. XD Who cares, just show your dad the Mount Gay Rum website, he'll be blown away by the vintage quality of it =p

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