Hamada and Makihara's Chicken Rice!

Gosh, this is such a good and simple song! Lyrics by Hamada’s partner Matsumoto Hitoshi, song written by Makihara Noriyuki. :D Simply lovely! But I don’t think I want to have chicken rice for Christmas though, Matsumoto’s so silly.

Fact: Hamada Masatoshi and Matsumoto belongs to the oh-so-famous owarashii duo, Downtown. I bet you guy’s watched the “no laughing” episodes from their talk show.

Part A of Hospital. This is the funniest!


2 thoughts on “Hamada and Makihara's Chicken Rice!

  1. lol, cheezy. this video is funny. and i don't have a passport… >_>; i've never traveled out of the country, so i've never needed to get one… but i have my school id, my birth certificate, and hopefully that'll be enough… *sighs* *hugs cheezy* >.<chikin raisu sounds good to me. :P

  2. I want to eat chicken rice too!~Aw, hopefully your trip will go well. Hang onto your belongings properly too, ok?

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