BL Pose books *drools* always gives me weird books recommendation. Today it’s BL Pose Collection, aka a photobook filled with two guys in pose that you can find in BL manga. I’m serious! Some of them just crack me up. I wish I can buy them though, I know the cashier in Kinokuniya will look at me funnily.

Anyway I feel like a pervert just looking at those cover (and insides). I’m gonna bet the only people who will buy these book and proudly display them in their living rooms are mangaka. Nobody sane enough is going to show off their obsession with BL. Here are some I compiled.

Finally my blog’s adult content warning has some use. There are naked boys here and large photo spam of preview images, be wary!

First it started with Shimizu Yuki’s slightly mild BL poses book. Sensei so far (that I can find) 3 books available.) The theme for the first book is “suit”.

Click on “read more” for the rest of the post :D Blogger should give us the option to rename the page breaker. I’d like to put “Click me for more porn!”

Second book is on “casual wardrobe and Japanese Kimono”.

The third book’s theme is “Being together until morning”. :D I like this the best though, such cute poses!


Shimizu Yuki’s BL Pose Collection for Mangaka vol 01

Shimizu Yuki’s BL Pose Collection for Mangaka vol 02

Shimizu Yuki’s BL Pose Collection for Mangaka vol 03

Next two books are written by Hoomuruumu (who’s that I don’t know) and compiled by the editors of Comickers. First book (blue)’s theme is on “school” and “office”. The second book (red) is on “boys’ holiday.”

BL Pose Themed Collection for Drawing vol 01

BL Pose Themed Collection for Drawing vol 02


BL Pose Themed Collection for Drawing Vol 01 

BL Pose Themed Comllection for Drawing Vol 02

These three’s just so… uke. They’re DVD but I’m pretty sure it’s porn so… I wonder how did I manage to click these ;X But stare at his butt! It’s prettier than a girl’s. It’s unfair! *_* And his lil buddy’s kinda small too… Actor for the first two DVD’s Matsumi Shou and the one of the right is Matsuki Kanata. There’s a picture of Kanata crossdressing in his blog too!

Purchase (if you dare *_*):

Sweet Boy of Mine

Boys Go On!!

Boys So Cool!

Just so you know, I don’t usually search for serious gay porn like these… I blame amazon dammit! Thus, after staring at these DVD cover I went back to “normal” BL pose books like these!


Boys Catalogue

Half-naked Men

That’s all I’m going to spam today. You can always stare at more photos or books by going through’s recommendations. It’s on the “people who bought this book also bought these” section. :D Have fun browsing!


10 thoughts on “BL Pose books *drools*

  1. XDDDDDDDDDDD You don't know how much that kept me smiling. Amazon is so user-friendly… they recommend some of the nicest books around XDDMmmm… I am not usually into real-men porn either. (Reality is too real…??!) But I never knew such books (I mean BL pose books) existed… ??! Thank you for sharing *u*

  2. LOL, when I wrote this post, I had to turning around constantly to see whether my BF's looking at my screen, especially those porn DVD *__*You're welcome! Such wonderful books must be shared! I never knew it exist too :D

  3. XDDDDD You can never be too paranoid. I literally jumped when I am at home and someone walks into the room… BF=best friend? boy friend? ;)As they say: sharing is caring (though I'm not sure whether this is what they meant…)

  4. BF – boyfriend aka the Jap guru I abused constantly XDWELL, he does share some gay vid with me a few times… but it's not those hardcore pretty ones that we like so much though… *_* LOL, I'm glad I have my own room back home, I can just lock the door and stare at my lil pretties at ease *_*

  5. Some is already quite a good word XD I really can't expect the male population (unless they are gay) to look at hardcore BL material XD The weird thing about my house, where I sleep is not where my comp is… my comp is in my parent's room (worst combination EVER.) DD:

  6. You're right, but he's just looking for laughs when he showed me. I've gotta admit, their acting sucks so much, it's not even funny.Wow, how do you write fanfics in your parents room. I doubt I can write anything when them staring at me… Is this why you don't write X-rated fics ;D?

  7. At least he tried? XDDBut when I write fic, I usually say that I am doing English homework. Since my parent's english is not good, as long they see a word document, they will think I am doing schoolwork. XDD The lack of x-rated fics is just a personal problem XDDD

  8. XD nvm, you'll reach the point where you'll start writing them later ;D *influences kuro*. Lol, I remember telling my parents I'm researching for stuff when looking at BL pictures… *_* How gullible…

  9. XD i always love your posts. These were very interesting. It'd be neat to have some of them for art reference . I don't think any of these are available on ebay though. :(

  10. Thanks XD Those BL pose books are just so interesting. They were selling some of the books in SF's Kinokuniya too… Hmm… I wish Ebay sells more (cheap) Japanese books. D:

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