YES! My midpoint presentation’s over. Now I can kick back and relax! THANK YOU KURO FOR ALL YOUR HELP BTW! I still owe you a favour.

Recently, I’ve read and finally caught up with the latest Ookiku Furikabutte chapters. And my favourite scene of all is in chapter 74, where Mihashi’s molesting touching Haruna’s muscles. It’s so cute yet gay at the same time. Especially the expression.

Mihashi: Mus-   //
Mihashi: Mus-   //
Mihashi: Muscle…
Abe: ?
Sfx: Muki – Squeeze muscle.
Haruna: Ah?
Mihashi: Can…
Mihashi: Can I
Mihashi: touch it?
Abe: WHAT?!  (My sentiments too D8)
Haruna: It’s fine but
Haruna: don’t use too much force.
Haruna: Where?
Mihashi: A-
Mihashi: A-
Mihashi: Around your shoulders.
ST Abe: I feel kinda sorry for him…
Haruna: Over here?
Akimaru: That’s fine…
Mihashi: Ex-
Mihashi: Excuse
Mihashi: me.
Mihashi: Fuwah! (Float, seriously, it means something like that, high from touching Haruna’s muscles I bet ;D)
Mihashi: ?!
Haruna: How’s it?
Mihashi: So…
Mihashi: So…
Mihashi: So soft.
Haruna: I know right!
Haruna: This is the ideal muscle!
Haruna: How about yours?          //
Haruna: Are these bones?
Haruna: How did you manage 9 innings with this?
Sfx: Grinning in bliss.
Mihashi: Er…      //
Mihashi: Erm…
Mihashi: One more time?
Haruna: Okay.
Mihashi: Fuwah! (Float)
Sfx: Tremble…
Mihashi: A-  Awe-            //
Mihashi: AWESOME!!
Haruna: It’s hard to get this result!
Sfx: Hmph! (More like a very pleased with himself huff)
Abe: Erm…          //
Abe: What the hell’s going on?
Haruna’s such a cute character. Gosh, everybody in Oofuri’s so cute… Wonder why I didn’t pick up this series earlier though… And Mihashi’s reaction to Haruna’s muscle’s just so unbelievably… wrong. I don’t think in the real world guys should have that reaction right?

20 thoughts on “I PASSED!

  1. o/ Thank you!~If you haven't read oofuri, you should. It's just filled with sooooo much slash! Watching the anime's good too, it's quite loyal to the manga in the first season ;)

  2. Congrats for your presentation !!! So you started Oofuri ? It's a great fandom, isn't it ? XDMihashi faces are funny and all chara looks so cute.

  3. Thank you! Yea! Mihashi's chicken mouth expression's just so… cute. Usually I find characters with his wimpy attitude really annoying, but somehow, it's just rather cute on him. And his nurse fetish doesn't help him either, so cute ;___;

  4. Well I will definitely try it :D Do you supposed they would have it in Chinese? ;DD I am a fan of manga over anime (must read the original before watching it in anime! XDD)

  5. Yea, chinese scanlation's all over the net. ;D I'll share doujinshi with you too, well I promised to do it, but the upload's taking ages… ugh!

  6. Haha, take your time XD I still have one more week of summer school before I can actually get back to full-time on the net XDD I've got tests lined up everyday of next week so send me those doujins after XDDPS: Give me the chinese title for this? ;D

  7. Wokie then, I'll spam you next week. Going to leave you alone for a week then =p王牌投手-振臂高挥 <— either one works ;D

  8. Well I am not so into shouta but I will check it out, I'll tell you when I get a look at it~ (PS: where can I find it? DD:)

  9. I can at least see this scene ^^Haruna is so cute. I love how Higuchi Asa draws big round ones. It's like his head is inflating with all the praise XDI can't imagine Mihashi growing as big as Haruna.

  10. XD so freaaaking cuteeeeeee gosh!!!
    Yep yep. People in real life probably weird out at that.
    Yep yep. Oofuri is soooo full of shounen-ai.hint. love it so much!
    Abe!!!! Is he even jealous?? *I hope so*

    • Omg. So sorry for the late reply. I’ve been really busy with work for the past few years that I don’t even have time to read manga anymore. And this Oofuri post brings back memories. *squeals* :’D Maybe Abe’s jealous on the inside?

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