…Of One Who Has Lost Her Mind On the Road Of Insanity!!

Hey peeps, how’s it going? Missed me? I’ve been away from blogger for so long because loads of stuff happened since the end of last month. I’ve finally gone insane with tons of things I wanted to say for the past few days. So, this is going to be an uber long post. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Think of this as a compilation of posts I should have posted when I was away.

First things first. I’ve started my term last week and I’m somewhat swarmed with assignment because I’m planning to skip my last week of class due to cheaper air-fare to go back home. Lame excuse, I know, but I have to work harder to get back the grades I’m going to lose for missing out the last class. AND, I’m finally starting on my thesis now. So, I don’t think I will have enough free time what a bunch of BS to translate much…  I feel so sad!! Oh, I’ve joined some undergrad classes this term, so finally I’m not the youngest in the class anymore. What a relief!

Another thing going on in the yaoi community nowadays are discussions about Libre’s move to give C&D orders for all its titles, which includes everything from be-boys, bxb, gold, citron and etc, which is a lot, judging from this incomplete list in manga-updates… The discussions are everywhere, on LJ, forums, manga-updates itself(?!) and etc.

So what’s my take on this issue? 

1 – This doesn’t hurt me much. I strive on raws nowadays since there are just too many scanlating groups to keep up with. And Chinese raws are everywhere if you know where to find.

2 – I haven’t bought anything from Libre yet because either the titles they have in Kinokuniya does not attract me, or my trusty online purchasing site, yesasia does not have the title I want. I STILL WANT TO GET MY TSURUGI KAI! I guess I’ll just have to pay more for shipping from amazon.co.jp now…

3 – After checking the price on Kindle store, it’s actually quite reasonable to Japanese tankoubon. (For those who clueless, it seems Libre’s starting to sell their titles in e-book format through animate.us which caused some uproar in the community.)

Tankoubon (as in the whole volume) in Japanese cost only 6USD per book, and English version’s about 8USD, which I find quite reasonable for people like me who cannot buy too many books because I’m in a foreign country and back home, yaoi isn’t exactly legal.

Chapter wise, it’s kind of steep; 3USD per chapter. If there’s about 6-7 chapters per book, you’d be paying 18-21USD by the end of the day.

Conclusion for point 3, I think the idea for Libre to go Kindle’s quite solid. IF I get an Ipad kindle device’s screen is too small for me I’ll buy some kindle books just for convenience sake. I think I’ll even forgo on-hand tankoubon if they’re able to get all their titles on ebook format in the future. Can you imagine bringing back 50++ volumes of comic books back to Asia in a luggage bag?! AND, it’s instant, no shipping fees too. Omg, I’m starting to support the idea of Kindle…

4 – If Libre’s going to start monopolising its own titles (a branch overseas, FINALlY!), I think that’s seriously good for Libre, the mangakas and in whole, the manga community too. They need to earn profit to actually function as a business. A lot of people are complaining about how greedy those publishers are for condoning scanlations or raw distribution, but do you know how much they actually lose out on titles by publishing works which nobody likes?

I seriously think that, yes, scanlation does promote good titles out for the masses, but what is the point of scanlating titles which are already popular OR promoting a mangaka who is already so damn popular people actually pay 100USD just to get the tankoubon *coughviewfinderseries*cough*?

Besides, I read quite a lot of scanlated manga. Frankly speaking, the argument of “I bought manga thanks to scanlation” is actually quite weak. I’m going to say “I didn’t buy a lot of manga thanks for scanlation” too! If I were to follow my usual book buying habits – beautiful covers above all else – I would have bought 10 times more of what I currently have. I save money, but the publisher lose out on business. Oh well…

Anyway, what I’m more concerned about are whether the rest of the BL publishers will follow Libre’s footsteps and starts issuing C&D orders. So, it stands to say that, I think I shall support them if they’re going down that route. I bet it’s because I’m already at the age when I’ve earned my wages, and spending money doesn’t sound really as dreadful as it was when I was in high school. Besides, if you like something enough, you won’t mind spending some moolah right?

Speaking of buying manga, I wonder how people choose to buy them, well maybe books in general? Other than being influenced by scanlation, doesn’t anybody like doing it the old school way anymore? Trial and error?
This is how I choose books (fiction, not manga).
1. The cover grabs my attention first. So pretty covers, you’re the man!
2. Next, the title of the book has to interest me. Not the summary. It’s always the title. There’s one time (still am) I was so sheep obsessed, you’d be seeing me lugging books with something sheep related on the title when the book isn’t even talking about sheeps.
3. After that, I’ll open the book and look at the typesetting of the book. It has to been small enough, with the leading just right.
4. Then only comes the summary. If the story sound interesting, I’ll buy it. But most of the time I don’t. I don’t know why but summary at the back of the book doesn’t act like a summary at all. It doesn’t even give me a proper gist of the story…

How about manga then? If I ‘m obsessed with the mangaka, I’d just buy it right away without thinking. For mangakas which I’m not too familiar with though, I do it like when I’m buying books in bookstores. If the cover’s pretty, I’ll just grab it and go to the counter right away. I’ll regret what I buy later when I read though…

Wait, I got sidetracked. I know there’s something else I wanted to talk about. Now I can’t remember what it was… Maybe another time then. :D


6 thoughts on “…Of One Who Has Lost Her Mind On the Road Of Insanity!!

  1. My set of rules for choosing books:1. Covers for the win2. Summaries (I need to know a little bit before spending all my money away!)3. Author (I have a tendency to overbuy books from authors I like… its a terrible habit DD:)Manga wise? I only buys books for collection ;DPS: Welcome back cheezy!!!~~

  2. XD I knew it! Cover art is soooo important!! And I'm the same, if there's an author I'm obsessed with, I'll buy all of his/her work. Luckily there's ebay here in US, second hand books that looks brand new and less than half the price of the original price too… Bah!!Tadaimaaaaaa!!

  3. on the subject of choosing your manga by its art. WHERE IS THE TOP PICTURE FROM????? hello, i just stumbled onto your blog, and i need to know the artist/manga of those two pretty boys sitting in the library. so pretty must have more.

  4. The illustration came from the cover of Edith volume 2, illustrated by Teikoku Shounen aka ImperialBoy. :D He's awesome at background illustrations and drawing female characters, so I was really surprised he drew for Edith (which I believe's supposed to be a shounen-ai anthology). Oh! Edith's filled with beautiful illustrations and comic but it's a little pricy…

  5. THANK YOU. I want to find more of this wonderful artist. Unfortunatly buying illustrated books online is a no-go. Shipping to my country is just ridiculouse, so if I want pretty pictures I have to download them and pray I never get viruses. :) thanks. I love some of the artists you post.

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