Why is Kazuaki so Awesome?

So yea, why is she so awesome!! I go on a Kazuaki stalking spree once a month, stalking her blog and every single publisher she worked with. I am still trying to get every single novel she had illustrated for. So far, I’m proud to say I own almost half of her work. Currently I’m looking forward to her latest BL light novel illustration, Parasitic Soul by Konohara Narise who’s the mastermind behind Castle Mango, Cold Sleep, Rose Garden and etc.

The translation for 2 chapter is out in Chinese, but I didn’t read it because I have something against Chinese… But, if I’m not mistaken, chapter 5 which came out last month is the last chapter. So, time to hit online stores again! What I do know is that this titles involves brothers, one torturing another and from the pictures, neko-mimi!!

Another title I’m sure I’ll be getting is Kakuritsu Sousakan ~ Mikoshiba Gakujin by Kaminaga Manabu who’s rather famous for writing the Shinrei Tantei Yakumo novels. Anyway, Kakuritsu Sousakan can be literary translated as probability investigator and from some reviews, apparently the main character uses math to solve crime, just like the drama series “Numbers”. Mystery and historical is my favourite genre, so… *moolah flies away~*

There’s even a theater version of this series! Check the cast out over here.

Before I go, Kazuaki did the cover illustration for this month’s Lynx magazine (2010-10) and it’s so pretty that I’ve got to share it! I grabbed the image from amazon.co.jp and stitched the pieces together… =p


5 thoughts on “Why is Kazuaki so Awesome?

  1. Wahh~~ Parasitic soul looks so good!! So does that Kakuritsu sousakan!! Do you have the chinese titles for these works?? I would LOVE to check them out ;D

  2. Dang, very good question to ask. So far I can't find any of Kazuaki's books being translated into Chinese… Sorry couldn't help you there ;__;!!

  3. Ah, I know chapter 2 of Parasitic Soul has been translated to Chinese, and some girl did some summary for chapter 1. The rest… D: I don't know. >_<

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