Echochi! Birth of a New BL Group!

I’ve posted the same annoucement in my LJ, so ignore this if you’ve already read it. Anyway, my dearest friend, Naomi and I created a sister group (or a sub-group) from Ochibichan-scans that does only BL called Echochi. All thanks to nostalgicity (aka, I know who you really are XD) who’s willing to scan one project for us!

So far we have two projects in mind, Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou and Amayadori wa Basu-tei de, both by Kano Ayumi. We’ve already started our first project, but for the second project, we’re still looking for another editor to start on it. I don’t think we’ll need another translator since OS is filled with wonderful translators unless you’re a Japanese to English translator or a crosschecker.

I’m going to make one last shout out here.

Echochi.scans is recruiting!!
We’re looking for: 
Cleaners, Typesetters, Editors, Crosscheckers!!

For cleaners and typsetters, experience isn’t exactly needed, as long as you’re willing to learn, we’re happy to help you out! As for editors, we need you to have experience since you’re going to head a project’s editing team and be the “art director” or supervisor for that project. Crosscheckers are people who checks scripts that are translated from Chinese with the Japanese raws for the sake of accuracy and to fill in the blanks. So, CC-ers must have a good grasp in Japanese.

You don’t have to stay with us for a long term either, but if you love us enough and want to stay around, please feel free to do so. We’re nice people! And to prevent the projects from dragging on and on, causing staff to lose interest in it, we’re going to release the project by volumes instead of chapters. So a few editors (or cleaners/ts-er) will work on project to make sure it goes out fast. ;D

Enough said, if you’re interested, feel free to write an email to us at echochi(dot)scans(at)gmail(dot)com with the position you’re applying for as your headline. :D Any questions feel free to write a comment here!


12 thoughts on “Echochi! Birth of a New BL Group!

  1. Congrats for the new group!!! :DD It looks really good and I would love to help out (with cleaners and typesetters?) since as a fore-warning, I have no experience at all XD

  2. Kuro, you've just made me a happy girl! LOL!! Worry not I can guide you step by step. :D Luckily I had an editing crash course kit done during summer. :D I shall send you the kit when I go back home, so before that, read a few tutorials to get your self familiar with. :) So what you want to be? A cleaner? Or a typesetter? Frankly we need cleaners more than typesetters, but meh, you can pick either one, it's fine :D <— Rough outline of the crash course.Just look through the tutorial here to give you a rough idea on what you're going to do <—Or for a more different approach (and the one I'll most probably use to guide you) check out the tutorial we wrote <—

  3. Then a cleaner it is! :D I glanced at some of the tutorials (I have class tonight) and I realized that… I don't use photoshop… will that be a problem? I do use another program call though.

  4. Wow, I didn't know there's such program. I've only heard of Gimp, which is another free photoshop like program. Gimp has all the basic function needed for editing, but I don't know about paintNET.I've downloaded the program so I'll try it out later today.Does paintNET have cloning and leveling function? That's the biggest part of editing. I don't think it'll be a problem, as long as you give us a nicely cleaned page and you have a backup copy of the whole page uncompressed (like in PSD format). Seems like the program has layering just like photoshop. :DBut, it's still advisable for you to get photoshop (crack version's available) since it's easier for us to take a look at your edits and to troubleshoot for some problems. Are you very comfortable with that program?

  5. Well, you check it out first. As for cloning and leveling functions, I dont think I am familiar with the terms but I do know it can host multiple layers and all that jazz. Personally, I never worked with photoshop and I dont have copy so it would be better if I could use this program. But anything is fine with me really :D

  6. Checked it out. There's a level function. Level's under the Adjustment tab (or ctrl+L). It lets you adjust the brightness and contrast, the overall tones or gradients of the image. :D In other words, makes the dark grey area black and vice versa for whites. Cloning functions like a copy and paste but instead you "paste in" with a brush, you copy a "sample" from one area, and draw on top of an area you want to have the same pattern. :D That's cloning. has a cloning tool, so I guess you're fine using this program.What I don't like though, is that I can't save this as an uncompressed file (like psd or pdn for paintNET) that I can open in photoshop. We try to keep it as HQ as possible before we crush the file after we're done editing. And there isn't a way to automate your steps, like photoshop's action buttons. It'll take you a long time to do everything manually do everything step by step. Well, paintNET functions almost like Photoshop during the early days, so it should be easy for you to pick up photoshop, if you don't mind switching that is. It'll be easier for the editors to edit/check your work too.

  7. Well the biggest problem that I am going to have is I switch to photoshop is that my comp will lag real bad since it is nothing new or fancy.Hmm… how about that gimp program? if that program works for you guys then i can try downloading it and see whether it will be easier on my comp's system.

  8. Oh, you could try photoshop 7, I think I have the installer for that one. You want to try that first before going gimp? We're trying to get everybody on the same software so that it's easier on the pipeline, but if gimp works and has some kind of non-compressed file format that's portable to photoshop, by all means, use that. :D

  9. Sure, it would be better if everyone was using the same program. But do u know the website where I can download photoshop 7?

  10. Thank you for all the help!! (and you haven't even started to help me with the actual cleaning!! XDD)I hope I can handle photoshop DD:

  11. It functions just like paintNET… only… more stuff. But yea, you don't need much tools for cleaning. :D I've sent you a mail with the program and the cleaning kit. :D

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