This’s So Not Happening!!

I was SO damn happy to have finally gotten Kazuaki’s artbook in my mail yesterday morning. I was too busy to make a post about it right away and I planned to do that just now.

When I clicked on Kazuaki’s lovely site on my bookmark, it prompt me to a wall of text with fully white background, no illustrations whatsoever. At first I thought I got the wrong site too, but reading further, dread started to sip in. I cannot believe this is happening!!

To summarise, some of Kazuaki’s work infringed copyrighted materials (apparently it’s for reference) and I don’t know whether she (he?) is being sued for it yet. She goes on saying that the publisher/manufacturer has nothing to do with it and she’s very sorry about the matter.

I seriously hope sensei will be all right after this. It’ll be hard to her to find more work with such a stain in her resume. Sensei, I sincerely hope for all the best for you and you have my constant, undying support!

Wow, like… wow! Seems like someone’s trying to destroy Kazuaki’s career or something. If you click on the link down below, they’re currently hunting down all the photographs Kazuaki has referenced from for almost all her works. These people have such deep grudge…

Funny thing is, I’ve never seen some of the illustrations in there before. B’s-Log has officially stated that they’re canceling the publication of Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki. It’s not like they’ve been publishing any single chapter since ages ago anyway. No harm done. Unless of course, you’re trying to get another copy of volume one and two… They’ve pulled back and stopped reprinting of those volumes too.

I wonder what’s going to happen to the next installation of Starry Sky (next spring?) that winty has been looking forward to. Are they going to stop publishing the game too?

I don’t know about anyone else, but, I’d still continue to support Kazuaki because she’s just so awesome! Hopefully, I seriously hope she’ll be back on her feet in no time. ;__; I still want to get those novels I’ve mentioned below!


22 thoughts on “This’s So Not Happening!!

  1. I hope so toooooo! She (he?) is such a talented artist, it's such a waste something like this happens and all her career goes down the drain ;__;!!

  2. Whoa, just like what happened to Youka Nitta, the mangaka of Haru wo daiteita.Maybe just like her, the people Kazuaki copied from will be cool with it.Exactly? What is the difference between using reference and copyright?

  3. From the site, it's said that a few people pointed it out to her that she copied from some copyrighted material, but hopefully they'll back off after a while.If you're using something copyrighted as a reference, you can't use that for commercial purpose. I think that's what happened here. There's no problem using references if they're royalty free for commercial purpose though.

  4. Japan takes this stuff seriously or so I hear. Though it seems not seriously enough considering Youka Nitta went back to work so there may be light at the end of the dark tunnel!

  5. Pft, if they take it seriously, I bet a lot of mangaka would have to stop publishing their works. I wonder what's with all these hate for them… ;__;!!I hope she'll go back to work too. But she isn't as high profile as Youka Nitta, so… *weeps*

  6. I found out today on anime network. I came to tell you but you already know.'m sadden that they stop selling those two manga over this…i wanted to get my hands on them now i never will. OTLI'm sad that her starry sky artworks are under investigation. they won't even be crediting her either? I feel so bad for her she must be going through a lot. I hope her site will be up soon. I hope she doesn't stop drawing shes very talented, i would hate to see another artist disappear over something like this.

  7. Yea, sad thing is I knew about it though Kazuaki's own site before everybody knew about it, even before ANN had a post on it. I thought it's some prank at first, but… gah!!I got my sister to buy me another copy of Kaiyorihito/Kaiyorishiki 'cause the previous copy we had were in pieces for scanlating purposes. Have you gotten the artbook yet? I think it's best if you get it now before they stop printing the book too.And wtf, they're not going to credit her as the character designer?! What blasphemy! Yesh! I do hope she'll come back kicking and show us more awesome work!

  8. Yea i have the art book, an i am very happy i got it when they were taking pre-orders for it. I would be so sad if i had waited an this happen, an they stop selling the art book because of this…I'd be heart broken!It's good you got most of her manga works. I hope they don't take her other works off the shelves. If i am smart i should go searching for them an buy them.OTLI know i find it cruel that they wouldn't even credit her, whats up with that?It's neat that we both didn't change our views about her as a artist. Not everyone is like that, i am sure there are a lot of angry fans out there…I hope she doesn't get hate mail. ;_;

  9. I wonder if everybody's going to buy her artbook now just for the kicks. Hopefully mandarake will reprint the book though, the art is gorgeous no matter what those bastards say.Speaking of Mandarake, they're selling kazuaki's posters and cards now. So awesome *__*!! news from twitter aboue Kazuaki's artbook but meh, I wonder what they'll do now?Yea, I find it offensive not to credit her when she was the one who designed the character. The things she copied or took reference from isn't the character but the background elements or some side non-character related elements. So fucking rude!! Ugh!I'll definitely support Kazuaki in this. I'm studying to be a matte painter, who goes to google and flickr, copy and paste photos (literary, sometimes with clone brush) into my illustration and somehow those matte painting will end up in some cheap ass movie one day. So what she did isn't exactly wrong, just that she need to do that legally the next time.I wish there's a way to contact Kazuaki and give her some love ;__;!

  10. Wow those look lovely! Thanks for the info! I'd love to get my hands on a poster when i recoup from this month.;;I managed to find Kaiyorihito Kaiyorishiki # 1 on jpqueen for a nice price but i don't know how to pay by kagi. I'll have to wait until i have time to find out how it works.;Your studying to be a matte painter!? That's so nice, it sounds like a really fun career!*v*Yea i agree she did nothing wrong. I'm amazed at how a lot of people found so many things from her illustrations on the web. I went an viewed the link you posted an there are so much posts! Where do people find the time to spot these things? One that amazed me was the horse. How they managed to find the same horse with the same movement on the web is beyond me. o-o;(kinda have to wonder if these people do this for a living.)Wish i could support her too. ;o;

  11. OOO! You better get it now. The book's never going to be printed after the stock's all gone.Just yesterday I ordered some books from JPQueen. Kagi works just like credit card, it's not very complicating. Once you've ordered from JPQueen, it'll take about 1-2 business day for them to reply your email saying they have stock for your books. You can either wait for them to confirm the stock or you can pay first. Usually I wait for stock before I pay the amount needed. That way, if they don't have some of the books, you can add more books later on. Once they send you an email, they'll guide you on how you can pay.When you're paying, you're given 2 options, one is mailing them money orders which I don't recommend and another is through Kagi, which is equivalent to credit card transaction. You're going to pay Kagi (the company in charge's called Kagi) the amount, and they'll send confirmation to JPQueen. Just type in the amount you need of Kagi's page, choose your preferred transaction (I used paypal), fill in some information and you're good to go. It's seriously just like normal credit card transaction, just that you go through a third party to pay. :DIf you need help, feel free to email me. :DLOL, I bet those people are NEETs, they seriously have too much free time in their life. Those 2ch plagiarism police are known for being impossible, so yea, reminds me of Higashi no Eden. Never look down on NEETs, they're supermen in disguise!

  12. I didn't know about this and… I feel like some people really need to get a life instead of doing this. T_TSeriously, there are cases of plagiliarism much more annoying than this. (for copying a flower ? O.o I don't approve copying when you get profit but that's a bit too much) Well… I'll continue to support sensei and I hope she won't get down because of this affair.

  13. LOL, precisely why they need a life! They have none! <3Oh well, hopefully when everything blows through, she'll start drawing again!!

  14. >.< I was so annoyed! I bought the first volume of her manga and I was gonna buy the second one soon…I was gonna order her artbook too.Is referencing really the same as plagiarism?

  15. Aw, if you like sensei's work, please do get vol 2 asap, they're no longer in print. :DWell, the problem here is sensei's superimposing copyrighted photographs onto her background or as extra elements. Usually it's not wrong to do so, heck every other artist does it, but I doubt she paid for the copyright. So, it isn't considered referencing in this case, and it's not wrong either to superimpose the image. But, what she did wrong was that she didn't pay to use the photograph (unless those that were on public domain), hence copyright infringing. :D Hope that clears the matter for you.

  16. They had the item in stock! You were right, paying by kagi is so easy! o-o'Thanks again for your help!I don't know if the Starry sky PVC is still official. I think once all the comotion about her an the investigation is over we will know. If it still is, i hope to see more~<3I love the keyshains! I don't think they were for sale. Maybe item exclusives?btw what is your zodiac character? Mines Leo! (I was very happy to find one of my favorite seiyuus playing him too!)>v<I have yet to play any of the games though. OTL;

  17. @suefumiYou're welcome. :D I'm still waiting for my parcel from JPqueen. I'm cheap, so I shipped by SAL and SEA (ordered twice during october).Yea, I hope to see more characters figurines! D: If they auction that keychain out, they'll earn so much from rabid fangirls. They're crazy…I'm Sagittarius, so the character's Azusa XD At least he's the archery guy, man I love archery D:@Zeraph;__; I know right!

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