Adekan is so $#%@#$%$%!!!

I told myself I’d stop buying manga for the month, but I just can’t resist the temptation! Chatting with kuki made me realise how many meals just 2 I can eat with one volume of manga. I felt so bad for a few minutes…

SO anyway, my latest purchases includes Adekan volume 3 which is far by the most “intriguing” volume ever! And there are so many places I want to rant about!! Before I move on and slander the title, I’d like to say that I enjoyed reading the series very much AND the illustrations in there are just so pretty!

Thus far, Adekan is… 


 … series of different cases or incident strung together by a hidden plot that revolves around Shirou-kun. It’s plausible for you to jump ahead onto any chapters without missing much of the main plot. You could even start with volume three as the last chapter sorta gives us a sneak preview of one of the main bad guys from Shirou’s ex-organisation.

… a repetition of plot for almost every chapter. To start, you’ll have our main heroes (or hero in some) Shirou-kun and Kyoujirou the policeman. Some weird and bizarre incident happens around them and by some devil’s luck, Shirou-kun is somehow connected, either by accident or it’s something to do with his past like his brother. Shirou somehow gets captured and almost raped by the bad guy, but somehow he’s able to escape with the help of Kyoujirou and kick bad-guy ass. The end.

… a world where everybody doesn’t seem to have splines… Who needs anatomy, logic or proportions when the art direction’s beautiful.


… about a pretty boy using his charms to seduce all sexes. Lets analyse the title of the manga, Adekan (艶漢). The first kanji (艶) “ade-” or “en” means charming, voluptuous, captivating, luster and etc, while “kan ()” here refers to “men” but not in a very good light (unless it’s read as “otoko“). So the title, pretty much sums up the gist of the story. Genius!

… filled with heaps of WTF moments that makes you doubt the sanity of the mangaka AND the editors of Wings. First off, the magazine Wings is targeted to female audience and you’ll and me automatically assume it’s shoujo. Oh how wrong are we…

Yes we have crossdressing moments! This volume we’re treated with Shirou-kun in a nurse outfit. I still don’t get why he has to cover his crotch?! I thought Kyoujirou drilled him into wearing those sexy thongs *cough* underwear already…


 Shirou-kun’s almost rape scene. Trust me, there are more!


 A little ecchi here and there to entice male audience. This girl’s chapter’s a little disturbing, especially her father… *zips*



Not going to say anything anymore. The genre should be BL damn it! 

… filled with bromance and shota on the side. FINALLY, the whole reason why I’m ranting in the first place. IT’S THESE TWO PAGES!!! GYAAAAAAAH!!!

Note, I can’t read shota, it’s just me, seriously, there’s something nothing wrong with shota… right? Super Lovers by Abe Miyuki’s the borderline for me. If he screws the kid before he reaches 18 OR before he grows at least 10 more inches, that’s it for me.

Anyway, I seriously think the mangaka’s on drugs and I really admire her bravery to draw scenes like these… Little kid licking another kid’s wounds just to heal the pain. Tell me there’s nothing wrong there? TELL ME!!

… a seriously enjoyable a little mind-fucked manga. I highly recommend this title. It’s filled with subtext that’s so obvious you don’t even need to squint. :D Every single panel’s so finely crafted and well drawn that it’s an illustration on its own. The world of Adekan’s so whimsical and wonderful that you wish you’re in there virtually. Despite the repetition of plots, the story telling’s engaging and it gets you hooked till the very end.

THUS, buy the book. Don’t just read scanlations ’cause you’re missing out a lot!

PS: My BF recommends Hoshi Mamoru Inu. I haven’t read it yet, but he said it’s really touching, the dog’s really cute and you really feel for the ossan (aka otou-san as the dog likes to call him.) Disregard the colourful and sunny cover, the story isn’t happy at all… So, I shall go read the book and cry buckets of tears now.


15 thoughts on “Adekan is so $#%@#$%$%!!!

  1. ADEKAN 3???!!! -goes crazy- I wanna read it (x1000) so bad. Five seconds after posting this comment, I will raid the internet for hours until I find it. -beaming smile- Thank you for the notice! Note: Don't read Hoshi Mamoru Inu, apparently my sis tried to read it and she just summarized it for me… it sounded HORRIFYING. QuQ

  2. YESH!!! Tell me if there's Chinese version!!Dang, your warning's too late. I've read the manga already. It's so SAD!! OSSAN!! Btw, is there a Chinese version? I want to scanlate this awesome title! Oh, my experience reading Hoshi Mamoru Inu's kinda weird. I have the habit of reading manga while I'm pooping, so like, when it reaches the part where the ossan and Happy (the dog) were in the sunflower field, I had to stop reading before I start to cry… Can you imagine someone crying and pooping at the same time?

  3. I love Adekan to bits! I don't own volume one but i do have two an three. An yes i agree the recent volume is like wtf lol. I don't know why but i love how she draws flexable bodies! XDEvery panel is so detail an the artwork is amazing! (If you like her work totally get her Artbook that was just release its great!*_*)I noticed the Shota an that was a big surprise for me. I didn't think the artist liked that kinda thing. I 'm thinking its just there for a comedy effect? I don't really know though sense i don't understand.;;

  4. I will keep tabs on Adekan3. Since the book was released around end of Sept, the translation is probably not out yet -sad sigh-When you said you want to scanlate this title, you're talking about the dog one right…? If you really do want the chinese version, I could try look for it for u? XDPS: My mom has always said that if I read in the bathroom… I will go dumb. So I never read in the bathroom >u<bb

  5. @suefumiAW, make your collection complete! Get volume 1! The body's too flexible though, especially in volume 1. The later chapters isn't too bad, at least the pose seems logical. I saw her artbook, but I'm so broke right now I can't buy it. I think I'll get all the books I want in Japan. D8!! Pray we're going shopping there!!Comedy effect? I guess it's supposed to be, but the licking, the expression bugs me… D:@kuroChinese publisher's really quick though, so I don't think you'll be waiting long for the scans. Unless of course that shota page made the translator and editor quit the job. X)Yea the dog one, I'm all fired up to do it! Omg THANK YOUUUUUUU *hugs*Damn, I read my books in the toilet. But I'm still able to score in the exam… S:

  6. Yeah, Chinese publishers are scary fast XDD Omg, I had no idea you were THAT afraid of shota (I am actually alright with it… sorry kids!)No promises for now, but I will definitely try to find it for you :DDXDDDD That's a very good sign! XD

  7. I'm afraid of them! ;_; I feel so guilty reading high school manga where the characters aren't even legal! Yea! Chinese does everything fast, I wonder if they have more work force in Taiwan (even though it's so much more smaller than US.)There are a few titles coming out this month that I really want to read (like Daidaiboshi)!Yay! The manga's kinda old, 2009, I think there should be a Chinese version out there right? 被星星保护的狗?:D That just means reading in the toilet doesn't make you dumb, it's the opposite. I bet it's the smell that sticks to your brain with the words that helps. Stimulate your brain with the same smell during exam and you'll do fine. Just need a fart bag =X

  8. Awww! I am way past the guilty phase, now it's just read and enjoy whatever comes my way XDDDIf I were to live in Taiwan or HK, I would be living on the streets with the amount of money that I would spend on mangas DDD:"守護星星的小狗" is the one I used but THERE IS NOTHING. Like zip. I could only find news of the live action movie from August. DD: Nothing whatsoever about the manga. D:If that really helps, the exam room would blow up with a match… bad. XDDD

  9. Maybe I should learn from you. :D Damn, I must rid myself of that pet peeve! Omg, luckily you're living in Canada then. But hey, chinese manga is about 1/3 of the Japanese price. It's bad! I'm gonna sell most of my Chinese manga back home to make way for Japanese tanks…D: Did your sister read the raw in Japanese then? Methane? That's be cool! Teaches teacher/lecturer not to smoke too much too. *BOOM!*

  10. Try your best, maybe then you could enjoy all sort of… nice things? XDDDI am so jealous of your jap skills. If I could understand raws… (I would be able to read Adekan 3!!!) XDDFunny thing about my idiot sister… apparently she got it wrong. The dog one she read was about about a dog name Pao (it was horror…) and the one you have is about a dog named Happy. DD:Its cool, unless you are in it… DDD:

  11. D8 As I grow older, I think I'll move away from drawings that make characters look younger than they really are… Like a decade younger…No skill at all. Most of the time is plain guessing =D Besides you're learning Japanese now right? LOL, damn false alarm. ;__; But the manga's old right? I thought Chinese publishers are fast. Guess they've never contacted Futaba about licensing their titles…XD Even if I'm in it (I'll be wearing a gas mask), it'll still be cool :D

  12. Shit I'm not going CF this year but I wanna get to meet you just to fangurl on Adekan ;u;I'm in need of vol 3 so badly DDDXP/S: I've just coincidentally found you on google.

  13. XD We could always do it over the internet. :D There's so much about Adekan I can rant about that I couldn't fit them in the blog (or we'll be facing a wall-o-text). ;_; I'm not going CF either, I won't be back in time to go there!!PSS: POWER OF GOOGLE! <3

  14. where oh where did you buy your copy of Adekan 3! I love the series so much but im having a totally hard time finding this book anywhere! :( Yesasia used to carry the series but they stopped -__-

  15. I bought it from Kinokuniya since I'm living in SF right now and they have a branch here. :D You can always write to Yesasia about bringing Adekan in. I wrote to them to bring some mags and out of stock manga for me a few times and they're pretty prompt with their replies. :D

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