Heian LOVE!!

IS THIS FOR REAL!! Another manga adaption of Genji Monogatari. But this time the art’s by… MIYAGI TOOKO!!! *runs around like a mad woman.*

Lets zoom in and look at it again.

Yeap, Miyagi Tooko all right. I know I’m definitely going to get the book once it comes out, even thought I still don’t know how different will it be from Murakami’s original… I seriously need manga therapy now!


Since we’re on the topic of Asuka, there’s a new title by Kisaragi Hirotaka-sensei called Seiyuu Ichinensei (声優一年生). There’s supposedly only two chapters (two-shots) about voice actors. Sensei’s style’s so different from the rest of his works. Just compared the drawing in this title and Brother x Brother. I don’t know whether sensei’s been using digital medium for his manga, but it’s very apparent in Seiyuu Ichinensei. Frankly, I prefer his old style more.

Not only that, the drawing’s a little different too, looks like someone used photoshop’s pen tool to ink the manga… I couldn’t believe it was him when I looked at the colour pages. If you want, you can read the preview on Asuka’s website.

Well, until I saw an ossan character in this page that screams sensei’s character design to me!


2 thoughts on “Heian LOVE!!

  1. Another adaptation of Genji Monogatari??! It looks sooo good~~ v I am not familiar with the name but her art looks familiar (there is a 99.9% chance that I've read one of her works XDD)Ahh, thank you for sharing. Seeing all this, I feel better from real life already XDDD I don't need to read them and I am already getting therapy! XDD

  2. Yesh, another. I've read about 10 of them, BL, shoujo, seinen… D: Genji Monogatari isn't even documenting historical events (well, maybe there's some parts about life in Heian's imperial court), just drama between a yarichin and his harem of girls. I think you must have read her works before, check the list here: http://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=493Aw, *hugs* I'm just ranting, but glad you like them. I need therapy to stop me from browsing and buying manga. D8!

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