Pretty Covers Makes Me GAY!

Gay as in happy of course. November’s a good month. Why? First, it’s my birthmonth. Secondly, the titles I buy usually comes out during this month and every other month actually…  I’m going to spam pictures now.


Ilegenes Volume 5! THE LAST VOLUME!!! Well, technically the last for that series. There’s a new season for Ilegenes, which’s starting in next month’s Avarus Magazine… So, more pretty emo boy!


Kaki Kentei ~Tropical Parifait Jiken~ First Volume (Or Part one!) I don’t know what the hell the story’s about, but the cover’s cute enough for me to get it. Besides, Kaki Kentei’s from a novel, so it shouldn’t be too bad… right?

Here’s the novel’s cover. If I’m not mistaken, the illustrator’s 片山若子 aka 渋皮栗… Who illustrated this artbook which I’ve been trying to get since it’s out of stock for a while. I guess they reprinted the book. Awesome!


I’m obsessed with Minazuki Akira‘s works. This is published on Canna (a magazine filled with Takarai Rihito styled mangaka), if I’m not mistaken the title should be Rakka Koibumi?


OH, speaking of Canna, this is another mangaka I’m going to stalk! Nashi Toriko! Hopefully the tankoubon will be out soon! Canna posted in twitter that the publisher’s going to start publishing tanks on the 27th of every month, starting from January next year till March! So… Ah! Moolah!!



The cover of this doujin’s cute. But the drawing inside’s even cuter! Tako-books by Tomii Masako is in my list of must buy in Japan! Hopefully Mandarake has that in their store…

I’ll continue ranting tomorrow, back to work for me ;__;


5 thoughts on “Pretty Covers Makes Me GAY!

  1. I can just imagine the money coming out of your pockets!! DD": But I do have to agree… all those pretty covers make it hard to refuse! DD:I have always tried to read Ilegenes… lets just say it never worked out, three pages in and I am already confused out of my mind D:

  2. Nuh! You should continue reading Ilegenes! It does get better as the story continues (or so it seems). Well, I only read it cause of the bishies in there. So hard to resist ;_; I have a lot more pretty covers to share, but I'm too lazy to post them now. Look forward to part 2 of pretty covers!

  3. I can't wait for part II~~~ :DDI tried to read it for the bishies… but the plot seems so confusing @u@ and all their names are so long… OTL

  4. Part 2 will only come later ;_; SCHOOL! DEADLINES!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!! *faints*Aw, the plot isn't that confusing… I read the English versions first before picking up the Japanese ones =p

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