Indonesia’s in there too!!! IMAGINE! MALAYSIAX(anybody) DOUJINSHIIIII!! D8 I should watch/read Hetalia now. THIS IS AWESOME!!! BWAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Btw, Malaysia looks pretty, but I doubt the male population in Malaysia has hair that long… IS HE A SHE THEN!!! AHHHHHHH!!

PS: I was just telling my sis I’d love to read a Malaysia X Indonesia doujinshi… Sorry for all the caps in the page!

EDIT: sringangel destroyed my dream of having Malaysia in BL action! WHY ARE YOU A SHE!!!


10 thoughts on “MALAYSIA IN HETALIA!!! OMG!!!

  1. Oh the countryxcountry… I don't think I can ever understand its popularity… DD: I can jsut imagine all the possibilites out there with personifications XDDD

  2. Hey cheezy, I wonder why you want Malaysia to be a guy, and not a lady??By the way, are you a Malaysian?? Just asking, eheh..:P

  3. How I wish Malaysia would be a guy, since she always has issues with Indonesia and sometimes Singapore too!! We can make good fanfictions from that..aha!! Just my thought, don't blame me..By the way, I think Malaysia is kinda pretty, and I think, "Oh, never mind..she's pretty and that's good.." =)

  4. Lol, fighting with Sg and Indonesia when he (as in my fantasy version of a male Malaysia) actually loves them. So tsundere!:D I guess you're right. At least she's pretty!

  5. LOL My name in bold.I'm suprised XDWell its still not comfirmed work I heard. Just in the process.Maybe it'll change one day XD

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