Nakamura-sensei's Coming Back!

I’ve just got to post this! Nakamura Asumiko posted about being on hiatus during July. Latest news is that she’s making a come-back on the 31 of January with an omnibus er, anthology?, Tetsudou Shoujo Manga (鉄道少女漫画). The theme revolves around railroads.


Manga covers from Ichijinsha this month! I’m getting them!! Die(c)e volume 6, which is the last and final book of the series, and Hi no Matoi volume 3, Isshin and Ginji-nii’s on the cover!

Finally, what’s with all the male cross-dressing as female anthology popping out these days. I had to google translate to see if I’m reading it wrongly. Well, good thing is, it’s definitely BL aimed for female readers unlike WAai. I see a lot of mangaka Iike in that list!! Ninomiya Etsumi’s in Sweet version and Kojima Lalako, who I’m stalking on twitter right now’s in the Bitter version!! *HIGHLIGHTS* That means… More money to spend!!

Syrup![Sweet] all sailor uniforms while Syrup![Bitter]’s Skirts, Whirt Shirts and Us (bokutachi ;D). I wonder if there’ll ever be a kimono version, as in female kimono of course. I’m pathetically obsessed with men in Kimono!

女装男子アンソロジー Syrup![sweet]

Cover Illustrations: 絶叫

女装男子アンソロジー Syrup! [bitter]

Cover Illustrations: 雲田はるこ



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