Aw! Thank you so much, guys!

AW!! I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY CARD!! YOU GUYS ARE SPOILING MEEEEE!! Now I can make my lamb rape Naomi’s lamb!! They’ll go forth and multiply together!! MORE LAMBS FOR THE WORLD!!! And thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes, you know who you are! You’ve made me the happiest person right now. ;) Beside the fact that I just handed in a major assignment too!

And a nice surprise release from Naomi. I love you!! Now you just need to change that line to Chika spanking Aritsune’s Ass! It’s literary translation from Japanese text!


2 thoughts on “Aw! Thank you so much, guys!

  1. I am late, aren't I? -fail!-HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHEEZY!!!~~ (do read in font 72 with flashy colors around it)Wish you all the best with the upcoming year~ :DD

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