Back from the Dead… Yet Again!

Oups, I’ve neglected this blog for such a long time. I promise I have a reasonable excuse this time!! Besides suffering through crunch time in uni labs, I went back home during winter holiday. That means, crappy Malaysian internet = no browsing for manga or any manga related net surfing…

On the way back home, I spent almost 2 weeks in Japan, burning holes through my pockets note the S, freezing my butt off, walking till my feet are sore and killed my shoulders just carrying my DSLR. D8 Note to self: bring lighter DSLR during vacation that involves loads of walking and shopping.

Summary of my trip to Japan?

Food heaven. Screw fine dining, just go to convince store like Family Mart or Daily Yamazaki, their have awesome food. That, or road side stores. Horumon-kushiyaki‘s the best so far. Somebody told me it’s a must to eat Kushikatsu in Osaka.

Shopping heaven. Well, that’s what I did there anyway. Bought like 40++ manga myself ’cause damn it, we seriously need Bookoff in Malaysia or at least one in San Francisco! Bookoff sells used books, though they do have a handful of new titles. Awesome thing about Bookoff is that I can get manga at the price of 105yen, which is about $1.50. Kobe has the best pudding flavoured soft-cream, near that Kobe tower thingy!! And loads of kissaten, Japanese style coffee shop. :D

Walking heaven. Loads and loads of walking and public transport. A superbly beautiful place to visit during Autumn, but we ended up being there during the END of Autumn. Luckily for us, the weather isn’t too cold… just 1 degree Celsius… Got to love the trains in Japan though, they have heaters for the seats aiming for your butt and your legs. But beware of their toilet bowls though, they’re heated, so you may fall asleep, like my dear sister…

I’ll write a long LONG report of my trip once I get my photos metadata-ed properly. Apparently, camera isn’t as clever as your cell-phone to automatically change time-zones… Pft!

Anyway, back to the picture above. I’m so happy to read the news on ComicNatalie that Iryuu, Team Medical Dragon‘s finally over! I can start collecting this awesome, drool worthy manga now! The mangaka has a new series starting this spring too, I’m so going to stalk him!

Speaking of Seinen titles, I’ve always wanted to read Kokou no Hito and my BF gave me the raws long, long time ago. But being the lazy bastard that I am, I’ve been procrastinating and putting this title on hold ever since then. But fret not, I’ve seen the insides and the art is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Now all I’ve got to do is find bro-mance in this testosterone oozing manga.

For anybody out there who’ve read Zetsuai and the sequel, Bronze, there’s a 80 page 2 part gaiden (extras, 40 pages each chapter) entitled 華冤断章―天使降誕―. I don’t think I’m reading the Kanji right, but I think that’s Kaendan Shou― Tenshi Koutan―. Zetsuai is a ultimately, the most depressing and emo manga I’ve ever read and nobody, I mean NOBODY gets a happy ending in this series. Seme went crazy for his uke, while uke actually becomes mute and loses himself ’cause he got raped or something if I remember correctly it was an accident, I’m just making it sound uber dramatic right now. It’s a good read during the late 90s ’cause that’s when I first read the series, but when I reread the book, I seriously didn’t know why I loved it in the past… Oh well.


3 thoughts on “Back from the Dead… Yet Again!

  1. Welcome back~~ I look forward to all the pictures (mainly the food ones though of course) XDDOh my~ I had no idea you follow iryuu!! (Personally I only watch the drama) but I had been meaning to check out the manga XDDD Kokou no Hito… rock-climbing? Mmmm interesting idea XD Don't worry about the bromance, as long as there is more than one guy, there has to be some XDD

  2. LOL!! Picture's been pushed back into the bin of "on-hold". Gotta get ready for school tomorrow first. Though, I think I'll get the food pics out first =OIryuu is awesome! I read the manga, the watched the drama and they're all so goooooood! LOL, speaking of bromance, check this manga out: 15: Meisetsu Kougyou Koukou Rugby-bu. It's so fucking gay, I'm not even squinting.

  3. Take your time, school should come in first ;DD-ponders- When I get time, I will definitely check out the iryuu manga :DD Ahhh, the rugby team, I have seen it around but never clicked into it. But now I think I will XDDDD I just love shounen-hot-blooded-sports manga~

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