OMFG!! What Did I Sign Up FOR!!!!! (√W.P.B.)

Still okay…


Hmm, seems easy still…

Okay, I’m crazy to say this, but the ones above ARE NORMAL!! Check these out! And they’re in almost every page of the book too.

Do I see semi-transparent bubble with TEXT which I have to redraw, sfx which takes up 60% of the page, and more sfx on the right O_O!

THIS DOUBLE PAGE IS MISSING LOTS SO SHIT IN THE MIDDLE! That’s definitely more than 10px of missing spaces to REDRAW just so I can stitch the page. Not to mention I have to clean the SFX too…



In case you’re wondering, this is one of Nakamura Shungiku only old shounen work entitled √W.P.B. (Route W.P.B.) and as you’ve guessed it, I’ve the honours of editing it. Wish me luck and you’ll know why you won’t be seeing me for the next 3 years.

Mio translated the first 2 chapters for Sakura Crisis, but sadly they went defunct and mio lost the script. During our marvelous Japan trip, Mio bought the tanks from bookoff for 105yen each and we scanned both tanks before I came back to SF. But, Mio promised me she’ll translate this while I edit. I’d do anything to get her to start scanlating again!! YOU HEAR ME MIO!!!


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