BLink!! The Awesomely New BL Magazine!!

OMG. I am so bloody happy ’cause this lovely LOVELY BL magazine is published under Shueisha. If you don’t know who or what’s Shueisha, shame on you! you’ve got long ways to go till you become a manga jedi. *cough*

Anyway, here’s a list of magazines published under Shueisha:

Shounen series: Weekly Shounen Jump, Jump SQ, V Jump and etc.

Shoujo series: Ribbon, Margarate, Betsu Margarate, Cookie and now… BLink!

These are fairly cheap magazine and usually tanks published by this publisher is cheaper than our average BL manga. For example, Canna mags cost 980yen while BLink, even though more expensive than their average shoujo manga (300-420yen), it only cost 750yen. Just thinking about the price of tankoubon makes me drool. I can’t wait for next year!!


Here’s the list of artist in the first issue:

楠木潤 「ダディ×ダディ」
春野アヒル 「からすま君」
佐倉ハイジ 「帰り道しらない」
秋葉東子 「優しくしてよ」
佳門サエコ 「チャペルの天使」
橋本あおい 「RUSH!」
エンゾウ 「さよなら、愛しのマイフレンド」
環レン 「上海恋人-シャンハイラヴァーズ-」
陵クミコ 「オトナのクスリ」
河村なつ 「Secret!!」
村上左知 「トビラの向こう」
高岡七六 「恋化けv」
九重シャム 「アルファの叫び」
ことり野デス子 「フダンシ革命」
蛇龍どくろ 「黄桜商店街物語」
一宮思帆 「DistopiA-未完成な世界-」

Takanaga Hinako‘s illustration’s on the cover page, doesn’t seem like she’s drawing anything from the mag yet. Natsume Isaku has a colour page and she’s first up in the mag(?), both Futaba Hazuki and Aoi Levin has the center colour pages.

AND I am so happy to see a Josei mangaka like Futaba Hazuki stepping into the BL world. Her art is GORGEOUS! OH and in the first issue, we get pin ups by Itsuki Kaname, Takarai Rihito, Mishima Kazuhiko and Ootsuki Miu. Shueisha’s seriously forking out a lot of moolah to get people to buy this magazine, but I’m not complaining. :D!! There are some new mangaka in there too, so I’m going to buy the magazine and support them. Should cost about the same price as the BL tanks in Kinokuniya… Hm…

BLink’s Official site:

Shueisha’s Official site:


OMG WHY DID I NOT SEE THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! MINAZUKI AKIRA ON CANNA COVER!! *swoons* Speaking of sensei, we’re going to release one of her oneshot during Valentine’s Day, it’s gonna be such a joyous occasion!!


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