Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi ENDS!

It’s the end for real all right. And we don’t get our lovely sex *cough* porn either. What a tease! In the middle of the chapter, sensei drew the foreplay as if we’re going to get the forbidden fruit we’ve been longing after, but the series ended like that. NO! Who cares about bathing in milk baths together, Ao!! *smacks*

D: Damn!!

Gonna put this series in my wishlist now that it’s over! Onwards to a new series, sensei!!


4 thoughts on “Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi ENDS!

  1. Yeah I just discovered this series today and it just ended in mid scene! That's so evil. I don't understand the last two chapters (though I found a brief summary of chapter 17), but do you possibly know if Ao is moving away or not? I couldn't tell by the pictures (and yes, I'm seriously ordering some "learn Japanese through manga" books and Japanese versions of my favorite yaoi to learn. I can't stand not understanding these things!! But I'm still deciding what to buy (so many options!) because I don't want to go overboard in case this project crashes and burns (if it becomes too overwhelming), so I'm taking my time and deciding if I should buy one, two, or ten!). Anyway, I mentioned some titles the other days and thought that maybe I should try to buy Gokujou no Koibito because the Japanese letters in that one seem to have a little less Kanji.

  2. Yea, very evil of sensei ;A;!! Yesh! Ao's not moving away~Well, you can always buy manga that's already scanlated or tramslated. That way you have something to refer to if you don't understand some parts. ;D I think Minase Masara's manga is an easy read. I don't really fancy the mangaka 'cause other than pretty drawings, the plot's always the same. And there's not much "flourish" in the way she writes her story. I guess that's why it's not too bad. :'D

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