Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru by Kannagi Satoru & Ninomiya Etsumi

Instead of introducing End Game, I’m here to promote our other future project which I am super excited to start! All I need now is a translator (Chinese or Japanese) to work on it so that we can speed up the process. SO TRANSLATOR! Come to me!! *looks at kuro*

This is the first manga collaborative project between mangaka/illustrator, Ninomiya Etsumi with author, Kannagi Satoru. And just like super stars, they go out with a bang! Thus, here comes a series that is so epic, so filled with action packed drama and deliciously edible beautiful boys that you just can’t miss!

*Drum rolls* I hereby present to you…

Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru!


Summary, written sloppily with reference to Chinese Scans:

Two families, bounded by a curse… Every century, a member from each family will come together to strengthen the bond between families and to overcome every dangerous misfortunes due to the curse. Bearing the mark of a six petaled flower on their body (making the total of petal 12), the amount of petals on this seemingly innocent floral mark signifies the amount of misfortunes they’ll be subjected to. On the 13th of every month, starting from their 17th birthday, they’ll face situations which will cost them their lives.

Alas, even after so long, none had survived…Will our main character (whose name escapes me right now) be able to last 12 months of hell on earth? And who is this new student that seems to know so much?

What is so good about Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru is that the pacing is rather… diverse? We have moments when it’s slow to allow us to feel for the character, to let them grow on us. Then sudenly we’re thrown into some fast paced action sequences when we’re constantly on the edge of our chairs, curling our toes just to know what has the author in store for the main characters.

You’ll not get bored of the series easily, but so far we’ve only got 6 chapters to judge this by and we’re not even on misfortune number 2 yet…

Art… Well if you’ve read Ninomiya Etsumi’s Hanaya no Nikai de (Vol 9-10 of Mainichi Seiten), you’ll notice there’s not much of a difference in her drawing style. The characters seemed a little sharp on the edge but the style suits this action genre.

It’s still too early for me do judge the characters and their development… so I’ll let you be the judge. :)

Pre-order/Purchase: Vol 01


6 thoughts on “Saiyaku wa Boku wo Suki Sugiru by Kannagi Satoru & Ninomiya Etsumi

  1. ….Somewhat delurking because I screamed in joy that someone has finally taken up Saiyaku wa boku wo suki sugiru~~~~ I really adore the story and art; it's so adorable~!! ;u; (A-actually I was willing to help out translate too but it seems you guys are already set XDD) I'm just happy that more people will be able to read this lovely manga vThank you~ ;u;

  2. @Fhal: ;A;! A fan!! *clings* I've sent the scans to 2 translators but they weren't interested in the series. They're missing out so much!! @Kuro: Yes, I have faith in you! :D

  3. But enjoy the manga first before you translate. You'll never know, maybe it won't suit your taste ;A;, like the 2 translator I tried to get them to love the series… *clings* BUT, even if you hate it, I'll make you looooooove the series =p

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