My Babies have Arrived!

MY BABIES! They’re hereeeeeeeeeeee!! I just realised I’ve never taken photos of my manga purchases. Should have done this with the stuff I bought from Japan, bought like almost 50 books there. =X

Top row:
Canna Vol 06, onBlue Vol 01 (SO WORTH THE MONEY!!), Hatsukoi no 70% wa, Ouji to Kotori and End Game Vol 01 by Yamanaka Hiko

Mid row:
Plus 20 cm no Kyori and Calorie~Netsuryou~ by Sakuragi Yaya, Blind of Mind by Coga Mayumi, Kodomo wa Tomaranai Vol 01 and Mainichi Seiten Vol 01, 02

Bottom row: 
Koi Cha no Osahou Vol 01 – 04 by Sakuragi Yaya, Kono Yoru no Subete by Minazuki Akira

Side’s Shoujo manga of the month
Yami no Matsuei Vol 01, 03 – 06 by Matsushita Yoko

onBlue is such a pretty BL anthology with tons of mangaka which I’m fond of. I think End Game’s review’s going to be put on hold again while I introduce this lovely BL anthology next. :'( I doubt I’ll have the heart to debind and scan for scanlating purposes though…

If you loved Minazuki Akira’s previous book, Konya wa Takeout Nite, you’ll definitely love Kono Yoru no Subete. The artwork is simply gorgeous and there’s more substantial plot to the story here. And not to mention the sex scene is sizzling hot. :’D I’m such a a pervert!

Look at what got into my mail today!! YES!! YOU AWESOME! Saiyaku, come to meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

10 thoughts on “My Babies have Arrived!

  1. What gorgeous babies you got!!! (I say, they're better than little boys and girls XDD)Quite a few of the covers look really familiar >3<~

  2. XD Most of them are old books, I'm more interested in the anthologies (2 books right at the top left) :DDD!!Kiraboshi! (<ゝω・)~ <– I can't stop spamming this now D8!!

  3. Wow! End Game looks really interesting. I finally figured out how to order from Amazon-Japan, so I think I'll order a SiH book, and maybe the first Koisuru Boukun to see if I can learn to read Japanese like that. I think the first SiH chapter might be a little difficult, though, with all that technical manga-editor language.

  4. O0O! If you're staying in US, I don't suggest buying from Instead, you can try yesasia like I did. It's so much more cheaper to buy from yesasia since they don't charge you 2700 yen for shipping and 300 yen per book for handling. I think if you buy more than $35, you get "free" shipping in Yesasia too. But the price of book's already accounted for shipping. Only buy from if you have more than 10 books and you're ordering in bulks XD!And, END GAME IS AWESOME! ;-;! I ripped my book for scanning and I kept squealing! And SiH chapter 1 and 2 is kinda hard I guess? But after that sensei stopped using editor jargons :'D

  5. I've actually never heard of onBlue before, but you make sound like such a good buy, so I can't wait till you tell us more! :)

  6. … do I hear Yoneda Kou…? XDDD Yamanaka Hiko's works are also god!~ The two anthologies look too neat!!! -swoons-Keep spamming ;)

  7. Yesh, Yoneda Kou chatting with Yamanaka Hiko. I have those pages scanned but I don't know whether I should er… translate them. There's quite a lot of text there D8!!!Will do that… after class tonight ;A;!

  8. Thanks for the tip, Cheesy. I actually live in Iceland, and yeah, it costs a whole bunch to order from Japan. I'll definitely check out that site and see if it's cheaper.

  9. Nahh, it's fine, too much text (without gay boy smex) can get a bit… dry. XDDD Try to not get too bored in class~

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