Kono Yoru no Subete by Minazuki Akira

I can’t believe I haven’t talk about Minazuki Akira yet since I’m currently very quite obsessed with this mangaka to the point that I’m buying anthologies just for her and my good friend xploded, I’ve finally converted you!!

If you’re curious about her artwork you can just download the oneshot we’ve released under Echochi, Gozen Yoji, Sasayaku You ni or if you’re lucky enough and DP hasn’t taken down their links yet, sensei’s Konya wa Takeout Nite is also scanlated and licensed.

Even though I’m quite happy that Minazuki Akira’s titles are licensed, I seriously doubt people will buy Kono Yoru no Subete without having a glance of what they’re getting into. Thus, I am here to help you make sure it’s worth your bucks!


After a war, Nanao, as a warrior and soldier, was left hanging without any aim or purpose in life and that’s how Oosuga-sensei, leader of an organisation called Shiki, found him. He managed to convince Nanao to join his organisation which primary responsibility was to protect Oosuga-sensei and to do his biddings, aka assassinating people he wanted dead.

Years later, a rookie by the name of Aoi joined the organisation, but it seems that there’s a dark past shrouding this arrogant rookie. What is his purpose of joining the organisation?

And how will Nanao, who is partnered with Aoi, do once he find out about it? HOW is the life of these hot pretty boys slash assassins in the organisation where they are all lumped into a dorm… :’D

Well, the answer is this:

And this:

AND THIS! *Nosebleeds*

Yes, Aoki’s the flexible lil’ uke that’s able to bend his hips like that. Obviously there’s more (about 3-5 more pages) of these scenes which I’ll hold back from scanning. Get the book if you want to know what’s going to happen! I wonder when DMP’s going to actually release it…?


Here’s a little teaser of the oneshot we’re going to release under Echochi. :’D


6 thoughts on “Kono Yoru no Subete by Minazuki Akira

  1. His hips… OTL Isn't seme-kun afraid of breaking his lil'uke in half at the rate they go at it? DDD:Her art style is really distinctive -thumbs up-

  2. Gosh, her art is so hawt ;A;!! Isn't flexible uke gooood? Imagine all the positions they're able to do. Omg, karma sutra! The seme's pretty horny and aggressive too, bad combination. :DIF ONLY THIS WASN'T LICENSED!! *cough* Shouldn't be saying that. :D I think they have this in Chinese? Go dig it and reaaaad!~

  3. Flexible ukes are good until their smex resembles gymnastics exercises more than smex… DDD: XDDD I will go and try to dig it out. So far I haven't seen it posted widely around chinese sites… yet DDD:

  4. LOL!! Gynmastics! It's no longer sex but an art form now. :DI've not seen Kono Yoru no Subete in Chinese, only her Konya wa Takout Nite. :(

  5. Wow thanks for this! You just convinced me to buy it! lolActually I was looking around to see what the mangaka's art style is like but looks interesting so far. Pre-ordered!

  6. Yesh! Another fan converted! :'D A lot of people are turn offed by her clean lines and weird facial blushes. It's so unique that I can't help but to love her for it!

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