Zoku★Hoshi Mamoru Inu by Murakami Takashi

Omg! Are you going to write/draw more stories to make me cry, Murakami Takashi?! It looks like the same dog reincarnated too!

I think I’ve mentioned the prequel sometime last year. Hoshi Mamoru Inu talks about the life of a family’s father through the eyes of the dog. IT IS heart wrenching and so, so, so… sad. I really can’t describe the feeling ’cause it’s something you’d have to experience for yourself; writing a summary now will definitely spoil that feeling though I think I just gave out a major spoiler

I liked the prequel’s cover more though. Gives you a false sense of happy story, when it really isn’t. If I didn’t know the ending before I bought the book, I think the impact would be much more severe… ;A;


4 thoughts on “Zoku★Hoshi Mamoru Inu by Murakami Takashi

  1. YES!! DEPRESSING DOGGY STORYYYYY!! ;A; I don't know the story in there yet, the book isn't out till 16th this month. I'll write a long ass review if it's bad and a short GOOOOOD if it's good. :D

  2. Alright! Good luck on reading it, drink lots of water beforehand… otherwise you will dry out after reading it DD':

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