Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

I’ve gotten the news through twitter when the mangaka(s) were posting about the incident as it happened. It’s so creepy reading their experience, the way they described the situation all around them. I’ve contacted my friends in Japan, they’re all right as of now. One of my friend couldn’t make it to the shelter, but he’s fine. My sensei who was in Chiba’s Narita airport flew off 4 hours before the earthquake, so thank god for that!

My bf hasn’t contacted his relatives in Fukushima and Ibaraki yet, and what’s worse, he has lost connection with them for years. Argh! I hope his uncle’s all right. I still want to meet the man who brings Bunsen burners up for hill hiking to cook ramen with. D8

Tsunami warning’s still being flagged. Telecom tower’s burning. There’s a freaking big fire they’ve been trying to put out at the oil refinery(?) for the last 12 hours and omg, when I was watching the stream 12 hours ago, the fire wasn’t that bad now, and now it’s spread throughout the factory. There’s a nuclear leakage in Fukushima’s nuclear power plant. And I can’t begin to describe the feeling of seeing waters flowing through the street and seeing cars driving away from it.

Even if you don’t know anybody in Japan and really never given a damn about the people there, please, for the love of god, pray for the safety of the people there.

If you want to help there are several ways:
American Red Cross (No donation box set up yet as of now, but you can start pouring in the donation)
Canpan (Japan)
Convoy of Hope
Doctors without Borders
Global Giving
International Medical Corps
Non-Believers Giving Aid
Safe the Children

As much as we like to donate and help out with the people in Japan, please be wary of scams. Only donate to the organisation you can trust and don’t trust any email or phone scams.

If you’re in Japan and you’re fit, healthy even, please donate blood. D: [More info]

For those who are anxious about the safety and situation of their favourite mangaka, here’s the list of people who’s safe and sound. It’s kind hard to follow the flood of tweets, so I may have missed someone out

You can check the masterlist here . Spread the link around if you want.


37 thoughts on “Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

  1. Yikes! Thank god everyone you know is fine! Hope your bf's uncle (bunsen burners…?!!) is fine too!It's just terrible to know such terrible things are happening (like the australia situation) >n< Stay safe everyone!!

  2. I was waiting all day for sensei to update her twitter. There are still so many who we have yet to hear from :(-emptiness

  3. Thanks for the info, emptiness!I just woke up from my nap and I'm listening to the news right now, the first nuclear power plant blew up?! O_O Like… D8!!

  4. Some more :)Sakae AkeoOotsuki MiuKoiwazurai ShibitoIsaka JyuugorouNao NatsumeFurutsuji KikkaMeiji KanakoSakuragi Yaya-emptiness

  5. Thank you! I'm glad they're all right! Especially Sakuragi Yaya, whome I've no way of getting information from. Does she have a site or twitter? Do you know whether the rest of Kadokawa's mangaka are all right? *anxious*

  6. Thanks for the link *_*!!I've created a masterlist on google docs, anybody can edit the link right now. It's easier and faster to compile there than to report to me over here. :D List

  7. You're welcome! A lot of people contributed to the list too, like emptiness over there XDYea, I saw that one. :( Sadly most of the mangaka uses pen names, so I doubt it'll be helpful.

  8. THANK YOU LOVE. I want to know about Tanaka Suzuki-sensei so bad. ;_;*frantically refreshes Animenewsnetwork list*

  9. D8 If any mangaka's name pops out that isn't it the google doc, ADDDDDD *hugs*No news about Nakamura Shungiku yet, Kadokawa's twitter isn't saying anything too.

  10. *sighs*So many mangaka's status are still unknown. :( I'm hoping no news, is good news, but really, I'm getting worried. I wish the publishers would publish a list, confirming the safety of their staff. Who knows, they might be working on it at the moment… *watching publisher's twitter/blogs*-e

  11. There is a safelist put up by this blogger I think compiling everyone's name in one place is a good idea so here you go! :DDGM, 07-ghost and Natsume yuujinchou mangaka is still in unknown status too. I'm really worried for 07ghost mangakas cuz both of them are from Miyagi and the other from Fukushima D:

  12. Japan is in chaos right now. I bet the publishing company's struck hard by the tsunami and earthquake too. Give it another month before any information's available. :(@sringangel: that's the same list over here XD! I've just turned that to google docs for people to input information too. :D;A; I haven't heard from them yet. Yukimachiya haven't updated their site. *weeps*

  13. Okay! Keep updating! :D I'll try to retweet as much (to the point its not annoying) as possible, and keep a look out for other news.

  14. o/ Wokie! I've went through the unknown list twice since yesterday, and so far, none of them updated their site or they don't have one to begin with. ;A; It's so depressing!

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