End Game by Yamanaka Hiko

This review’s been long overdue. One of my favourite Yamanaka Hiko’s story, End Game is filled with so much family drama and conflicting feelings that you can’t stop to feel sorry for the characters, even Mr. Bad-guy.

Summary with the help of xploded:

Itou Katsuya has been living with his guardian, a young man named Tooru, after the death of his only parent, his mother. It seems like Katsuya is having problems recalling the incident and couldn’t even remember how she died in the first place. To makes matters worse for poor Katsuya, he harbours conflicting feelings that are beyond what a son would normally feel for a father. Thus, life with Tooru during his puberty is pure torture.

One day, he met a man claimed to be his deceased mother’s old friend. He was told that his mother perished in a hit-and-run accident and that even until today, the culprit hadn’t been caught yet. Katsuya embarks on a journey to find the killer while battling his sinful feelings for his foster father, Tooru…


Even though I’ve got to say the whole plot’s a little cliché, but the execution of the story was so… emotional. I am a sucker for family drama and this short little two volume series has it all.

Katsuya’s story when he was a kid is just the killer. After the death of his mother, the poor kid ended up in a foster home where he met Tooru who seems to be in some kind of slums. Tooru has been the light for Katsuya during his darker days. I wish I can talk more about this but I’m sure it’ll spoil you.

Katsuya acts more mature than his age but he can be a little insensitive at times. I guess he’s just so focused on Tooru that he neglects the people around him. Besides, in front of Tooru who’s been spoiling him senseless since he was a kid, Katsuya can be pretty bratty.

Art wise is pretty subjective. Either you like Yamanaka Hiko’s artstyle or you don’t. I like how she plays with compositions and how much emotions the characters have on their feature and posture which is bloody important for a plot like this.

I really do highly recommend this book if you’re looking for BL with substantial plot. I’ll leave you with one last page of poor chibi Katsuya!


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