Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – DVD Vol 0 (ANIME)

YESH! IT’S FUCKING OUTTTTTT!! Thank heavens for 3N5B for their speedy release and subs in Chinese. You can download it here at Tieba or head over to sekai_hatsukoi community for the link!

Kisa’s so cute! Miho’s even cuter even though he’s on zombie mode.

*cough* My comments…


 Right, the only qualms I have is that in the beginning where Ritsu was stalking Takano-san, they had a shot where we got to see the name on the card, and instead of Ritsu using his fake name, Oda Ritsu, it’s his real name, Onodera Ritsu. Maybe it’s just for that one book or something ’cause at the end, we see another book’s card and it’s Oda Ritsu there. :D See, I’m picky!!

Other than that, the animation is great. More in-between frames compared to most anime and that’s why the movement’s smooooth. Hopefully this will be the quality of the whole anime. For the first volume (er, vol 0), it’s the story from chapter 2.5 of the manga, their past. The anime’s quite loyal to the manga in this episode, hopefully they’ll keep that up for the rest of the series.

The colour in the anime is so vibrant and pretty, they didn’t cut corners with the background, so it’s such a relief! Besides that, they made the effort to simulate some sakura petals for some of the scenes, so it’s really pretty even though we don’t get body fluids when they were having sex. Only fluids we get to see the glass (biker, however you spell that one) overflowing.

My favourite scene’s gotta be their love confession after sex in the library, behind the curtains with all the sakura petals falling into the room. SO PRETTY, SO EMOTIONAL, SO DAMN FUCKING CUTE!!

Ritsu’s so cute in the anime! I think the seiyuu (god bless whoever you are) did a great job portraying Ritsu. And Takano-san, kakoii sugiru (TOO COOL).


This episode won’t be aired on TV, it’s only for the DVD. Does this mean I have to buy the premium version of volume 5?!! That book cost $73 in Yesasia now. Me thinks they hiked up the price and it’s double of the price in Japanese yen. GAHHHHH!! Does this mean all past stories will be out in DVD instead of being aired in TV?! What an awesome marketing strategy…


2 thoughts on “Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi – DVD Vol 0 (ANIME)

  1. Droooooool on Masamune's voice! I love it so much. I also love how they drew him as a teen – so cute! Ritsu's voice is also fantastic ^.^I think like how they've drawn this anime better than Junjou, even though I do love Junjou. This is just so different and more…mature. Possibly because Junjou focuses so much more on comedy.

  2. Yeah! The voice over's pretty good! ;A; Takano-san's just oozing with testosterones!I don't know, JR's kinda boring for me now, nothing interesting happened after vol 4 and the only reason why I even read it in the first place was for Hiroki and Nowaki. Sadly they're not getting a lot of spotlight. :(

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