Failed Cover Draft for SiH

I really do hope that’s not how the final cover will look like. For those who hasn’t pre-order their books yet, you can do it now at amazon. They’re having pre-order sale now and it’s going for $10.19 instead of the usual $14 and it’s legible for free shipping too. I wonder if the price will go down some more? The title’s scheduled for release on the 5th of July 2011. Anybody planning to get this? :D?

On other news, I’ve finally edited the Yamanaka Hiko community and with the help of ETB, we’re sorta good to go! Head over to our lovely LJ community if you’re a fan of Yamanaka Hiko’s works! Remember to read the instructions carefully when you’re applying for membership. ETB can be quite strict with things like that. :)



8 thoughts on “Failed Cover Draft for SiH

  1. As a graphic design major, that cover a full on fail. The pink chalk bar takes the attention away from the title. And the title is too dull.I think the Junjou Romantica title logo for the american dvd, was epic win though.

  2. ;A; Even if it's just a joke, putting cover like that's so… bad. How do you want people to pre-order a book if the mock-up is so… bad!! ;A;!! maidcafe, go work for Blu!!

  3. QuQ Even though I don't even read this but looking at that sort of cover… just why?! DD: The pink is horrid… and that font ;___;

  4. I'm planning on buying this and the japanese version (they have hiragana beside the kanji, or is that only for the special editions?). Maybe it's just a temp. cover.

  5. If I remmeber correctly, all SiH has furigana XD! Yea, it's a mock up cover, but omg, they could have used more effort for it… I'm starting to wonder if that cover's made by Amazon, not Blu…

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