They May Cost More Than Usual, But…

Manga by Feel Young, a Josei publishing label under Shodensha, usually cost you so much more than the usual shoujo or josei manga like Flower or Sho-comi, but they’re so damn goooooooood. Here’s a few that I’m looking forward to (or currently own and read them XD).


Anything by Kawachi Haruka is gold and Natsuyuki Rendezvous certainly lives up to sensei’s whimsical style of writing and the artwork in there is just so pretty!


Kajigawa Michiru’s Houkago no Fujun (Impurity After School)’s tankoubon is coming out next month. The title itself sounds really interesting and kind wrong since you know, there’s 2 guys in that picture and I’m really looking forward for the book. :D


Yamashita Tomoko also has titles under Feel Young and Her was so heavily promoted in Japan and the Kinokuniya in SF, that it has to be good. If I’m not mistaken there’s a drama now? Each chapter in Her talks about different female characters that’s somewhat related to each other. I got goosebumps when I read the book, so you know how good it is, right?

Speaking of Yamashita Tomoko, anybody read her BL work, Kuimono Dokoro Akira, yet? It’s slice of life, a genre I adore very much, and her ossan character’s so cute! The two main characters has some pretty awkward moments but it’s understandable ’cause they’re both straight old men (well one’s in his late twenties) who’s suddenly in a homosexual relationship. I had lots of “lol” reading this, and the sex is just so amusing. Go AKIRA!


Right, back to Josei, Okazaki Mari’s & is just so beautiful… Words can’t describe it, so just look at the preview in FY’s site here. Sapuri‘s pretty awesome too, if you like relationship dramas!


If you like Yamashita Tomoko’s artstyle, then maybe Koisuru Savanna by Yamasaki Dodo is the manga for you. And yes, it’s recommended by Yamashita Tomoko, that’s why I’m getting it!

That’s all from me for now, if not I’ll start listing everything by Feel Young. X__X!!


4 thoughts on “They May Cost More Than Usual, But…

  1. Holy, all these books look so pretty! Natsuyuki Rendezvous's art really caught my attention!Impurity after school… XDD Love the implications with that picture ;)Ahhh, no wonder Her's artwork look so familiar, I read Kuimono Dokoro Akira before (and fell totally in love with it!!) All hail to awkward sex… :DD Besides old straight men are just begging to be flipped XDDDThanks for introducing another eye-candy collection of works! :D

  2. Natsuyuki Rendezvous' story's kinda weird too. This dude, he's crushing on the owner of a flower store, but she's still very much in love with her ex and that dude saw her ex (spirit form) in her apartment. Everything's just so whacky. But so much emotion D8!!!XD I know right?! When I saw that Impurity after school title, I had to double check to see whether it's from Feel Young or not 'cause seriously, 2 guys and that title… The possibility's endless!EHHHHH! I love Yamashita thanks to Kuimono Dokoro Akira! I bet it's the awkwardness!!And you're welcome. They're awesome books that's begging to be read. :D

  3. Hmmm, a little wacky in the plot department but still quite interesting. Just reading for the art is so worth it XDDDWhat a title indeed… +u+ Even though I read other BL works by Yamashita, I still think Kuimono Dokoro Akira is the best~ V V

  4. XD Omg, same here, I still think that's Yamashita's best work. Her shoujo/josei ones are kinds weird and awkward, but never as cute as Kuimono *_*!!

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