Amayadori wa Basu-tei de and many more…

Yes, another project pimp. You can’t blame me when the series is just too bloody cute to be true. As much as I like reading Kano Ayumi’s male cross-dressing in female kimono manga (Hanamai Koeda de Aimashou), I prefer Amayadori so much more. This time, it’s sensei’s own creation too!!

Summary I wrote for Echochi which is just a revamp of what I wrote long long time ago:

This whole incident started with a phone call from Ikushima’s younger siblings in a bus stop, where he had the most unfortunate luck of meeting happy-go-lucky boy, Ariie. Ikushima may look pretty, but his seemingly bad and cold attitude gave him the nickname “queen”. Even though he doesn’t think he’s wrong (actually what he say seems right, justified even) but his good intention is always taken the wrong way. He blames it on his extremely serious look. Stumbling upon the queen’s soft side, Ariie used the information to his advantage and started following poor Ikushima. Will love blossom from this seemingly weird pair…?


There’s an extra in this tankoubon which doesn’t have anything to do with the main story, sadly I didn’t really like that one. ;A; You’ve disappointed me, Kano Ayumi!! Anyway, Ikushima’s interaction with Ariie’s just so funny. I can’t say that they have an awkward relationship, since clearly, Ariie’s too passionate in his effort to make Ikushima his, *cough*stalking him to his classroom and playing with Ikushima’s younger siblings besides, Ikushima isn’t really your typical aloof character nor a “cold beauty”. He just has this really badass-good guy attitude that’s just so lovable.

All in all, Amayadori is a very good read and I don’t mind spending twice the amount of money to buy 2 tanks, which I did btw. Things I do for scanlation… Sigh… Look forward to the scans!! Oh, almost forgot, I posted the translation for chapter 1 in my LJ, if you want sneak peak without pictures, head on over there! I don’t think I’ll be announcing translations update on my blog unless I’m starting something new like this.

Today, the first thing I woke up, I received a message from Kinky saying:

i just finished reading this

story is meh




And obviously ,you’d have to send me visuals after saying such a thing right? Man, makes me feel like we, fujoshi, or fudanshi in Kinky’s case, are so penis deprived that seeing one on manga makes our day feel much better. :D The poor guy in that pic isn’t even horny yet, but omg, so little pubic hair?! Where is your manliness, good man?! Oh well, as long as the uke likes his seme like that, I’m not going to complain anymore.


The other day I made a post about Feel Young and I totally left out Est Em. WHY DID I FORGET ABOUT YOU!! Ignoring her Gallop series for a while (since that series’s in quite a few mags), Est Em’s new josei title Udon no Hito (Why not onna D8?) or in English, the Lady of Udon is obviously about… ladies selling udon. Staring at the preview makes me drool. I’m more of a udon fan rather than soba or ramen. Heck, I usually order zaru udon instead of zaru soba (cold soba).

The little tagline they have there says: “But, don’t call me oba-chan!”. Seems like there are two main characters, a 35 year old divorced lady and a poor university beauty. The bowl of kitsune udon she’s holding out looks so damn good too! Argh, got to hunt this down!!

Lastly, I’ll end today’s rant with a preview of Kano Ayumi’s new tank, Konya no Yotei, Doudeshou? aka “What About Tonight’s Arrangments?”. I’ve been spamming everybody I know with this, sorry if you’ve seen it already. But, I can’t wait for yesasia to send it to me! I don’t know whether we’ll be picking this up, it’ll have to depend on the story though, whether it’s interesting or not.


11 thoughts on “Amayadori wa Basu-tei de and many more…

  1. What a sight to see right in the morning (PENIS!) DDD:I don't know why but Kano Ayumi's art is not really my cup of tea but I do like this bus stop story :DD But is it a oneshot? or multi-chapered?

  2. IKR, I was like. D: Dude, why are you showing me penis so early in the morning…Amayadori's multichapter, if you want I can send you the scans :D Or you can wait patiently for our release… I wonder how long it'll take D:?

  3. Oh really? Cuz I read something in Chinese (same story, same art) only it was oneshot… hmm weird DD: It's fine, I can wait for Echochi's release! XDD Gotta support the group ;)

  4. XD The other 2 chapter has different titles but it's the same story. Only one that's like a oneshot in the tankoubon. :D!! Yeah! Support usssss <3!! I'm more interested in churning out Saiyaku though, I still don't know who to assign the cleaning part to… ;A;!

  5. ETB, that's his neutral size, wait till he gets a hard-on.Wait, even his hard-on version's kinda small too. *runs*

  6. Gha, I can't wait for this. It's probably my most anticipated new manga at the moment. I'm wondering, where did you buy the book? I'm going to order Koisuru nr. 2 from an online manga shop (in the US) before they all run out of copies and I'd like to grab this one along as well (in Japanese, it will give me a push towards learning). I can't seem to find it in Akadot though. Ah…maybe I have to search by the Japanese name?

  7. New manga? XD Are you talking about Konya no Yotei, Doudeshou? I bought mine from Yesasia. You can also get it from BK1 or, but as always, I don't recommend you buying from those 2 sites if you have less than 10 books. D: Unless you don't mind using SAL shipping or Air mail with BK1?

  8. I mean the manga that starts at the bus stop. The review is just epic ^.^I'll check it out at Yesasia, thanks so much.

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