Yami no Matsuei's Awesome Factor

Sometimes I wonder why Yami no Matsuei’s considered shoujo when there’s scenes like that. I don’t know how I ended having a conversation with Shu about YnM but apparently that frontal scene scarred her for life. Poor Shu, you need more BL exposure. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you, all right? Every morning I’ll be spamming you with BL. Hardcore and softcore.


This is my favourite. LOL, the dude getting tentacle raped (this is dedicated to you, Kira, even though you won’t be reading this) is Hisoka’s dad. So it’s ossan BL since he’s in his late thirties. I want more Yami no Matsuei damn it!!

ETA: I think I should put the whole scene in sequence (left out a page or two, they’re not important anyway XD). IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND JAP and you’ve never read the series before, all the better!! Look at Hisoka’s dad’s expression, canon’s just too BL.


7 thoughts on “Yami no Matsuei's Awesome Factor

  1. I was thrown in the deep end all of a sudden with that lol (ノд-。) that was probably the first bl thing I've seen :'DDon't worry, I'm here to help you, all right? Every morning I'll be spamming you with BL. Hardcore and softcore.awww you're so kind to help me… thanks…? lol! what a way to start the day :'D

  2. Eh, first BL's YnM? O_O?! But that's like self-tentacle rape right? D: Or bestiality, since the god's some serpent/snake… Just remind me to give you your everyday dose of BL breakfast meal. :D

  3. …YnM is shoujo??! -stares- I always thought it was considered as softcore BL and then this happens. I think its time I get back to reading it… XDDD

  4. Ah….. I need to continue reading not re-reading LOL gosh…. What happen to you YnM mangaka when I'm not looking!!! goshlol

  5. XD This happened ages ago though, we just dug the skeleton out of the closet 'cause we (shu and I) were chatting about yami XD!

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