Shiawase ni Natte Mimasen ka? by Koshino

Where have you been in all my life, Koshino! How come I’ve never bothered to read your book even though I bought it last year! Why didn’t it call out to me! You poor little thing, luckily I found you in the box today, huh? Shu, this is the reason why there’s a warning to my blog :D!

Shiawase ni Natte Mimasen ka? is such a naughty book. Someone tagged this book as slice of life in mangaupdates. If all slice of life books are like this, hell I want to read more of them!

Lets see, what I love in a good light yaoi manga read?

☆ Ossan (older men) – Check

☆ Horny Ossan? – Check

☆ Good humour – Check

☆ Sex innuendo – Check, tons of them

☆ Pubic hair – Check, check check! D8 God I’m desperate, but damn, men look hotter with their hair damnit!

☆ Cock tease – Check

☆ Private parts sensorship? – NONE! YESH! Well, they did sensor some parts at the end though

If it’s legal, I’ve love to scan every single page in this book because it is just so funny. Heck the first time I read it I didn’t even bother with the text. Every single character’s expression tells the story well enough for me to piece the story together.


 There are two main pairings in Shiawase ni Natte Misamen ka (SnNMk for short) and both of which has one partner (seme for the first and uke for the second pair) that is so cheeky, horny and everything they do just screams sex. All the innuendo in there’s not good for my sanity.

Two men, who were just rejected by their respective partners, met at a pub. Being all depressed and what not, they somehow ended up chatting and found comfort in each other’s presence. But, in their drunken escapade they ended up in a love hotel well, ‘cause Mr. Ossan whose marriage proposal got rejected has never EVER been in a love hotel, the uke gavethe ring he bought for his girlfriend to some random dude (the seme) and something magical happened, blowjob.

Too flustered by the incident the night before, our uke, Kuroiwa-san went to work with a heavy heart. Being the chief of his deparment, he had to attend a meeting and that is where he meets his ring-bearing-random dude again… And boy, he’d do anything to get the ring back.


Here’s a teaser from the cover. It’s just so amusing! Sadly we don’t get to read more about the guy who’s molesting Kuroiwa-san’s butt and the other dude who picked up the molester by his belt and pulled him away from Kuroiwa-san. And sneak peaks of some of the naughty scenes from their story.


Their first sexual encounter!


When they meet again. Aw, the seme’s so happy to meet his uke again!


Well, teasing you now with bad scans. :D

The second story’s more amusing though. Imagine you’re a high school boy working in a convenient store. While working there, you develop an unhealthy crush on one of your customer (ossan) who looks something like this:


But who knows, after stalking him and following this seemly decent man back to his home, you ended up finding his dirty secrets and real identity, who is actually someone who’s like that:


Furthermore, being forced to *ahem* please him while he pleasures himself:


There goes your image of this rather honest man who is actually a horny devil in disguise and has nothing but sex in his mind. Thus, what does that leave you?


Sex (Omg, look at the asshole O_O)


and pre-mature ejaculation before you’re even getting started.

Hope you enjoyed this little teaser! Hurry up and buy this book so I can fangirl with you. There are just so many “LOL” moments in this book that my bf just can’t seem to find funny, well ’cause its yaoi duh.


13 thoughts on “Shiawase ni Natte Mimasen ka? by Koshino

  1. the cover does look deceivingly slice of life (minus all that prn)… and it's quite detailed…bl in the morning, bl at nighttttt

  2. wow lol… so different from the others and the story for both seem to be very LOL….Although the second gave me this "be careful for what you wish," vibe

  3. Holy.Just no way!!I found this exact book just yesterday (and am halfway through it.) Currently still on the first story, not yet on the second horny ossan ;DPS: I think this was meant to be…!!

  4. @smexy_cakes: Yeah! The second story's full too amusing to not be crack. The high school kid's "Omg, this can't be happening" expression's just priceless. :D Well, he wished for something, but got more in the end. Good for him!~@Kuro: o.o You know, you're really creepy. Are you stalking me? LOL!!! Wait, if you're reading this, that means I can squeal with you?! RIGHT?! Ahhhhhh!! :D Don't you find this story really cute, despite all those naughty scenes?

  5. cheezy: Quick! look outside your window! XDDD Hell yeah, squeal your heart away. XD Btw, the two guys (bum-molester and the other guy who picked him up) does get a short excerpt in the book, don't they? (where mr.molester tries to kiss the other guy)But this book is really quite dirty (not that I mind) than expectations hen you see such a tamed cover… DD:

  6. *Gasp* O.o You're floating outside my window, kuro~!Lol, bum molester only gets one chapter and it wasn't naughty at all ;A;!! They'd make such a cute pair too!;DDD I'm downloading her other book now since yesasia and kinokuniya doesn't have it in stock =.=! Lets see if it's the same!~ I ordered her new book though.

  7. Yeah, actually as compared to the bum-molesting, that little chapter was hardly naughty enough -gropes gropes- XDDWhy am I not surprised? XDDD Though I am curious as to whether he other books are just as naughty XDD

  8. They have most of his books in Chinese, I'm queuing them up in emule right now (I wonder if the download's completed yet). :D! I'll make another post if they're as good as this one.*gropes* :( Ass molester's so cheeeeeeky! Gah!

    • *o* I see! I didn’t realise it’s the same verse. Got to reread Tonari no. It’s been a while XD Thanks for the information. :D

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