Otoko no Hanamichi by Kasai Ayumi

It’s such a hot day today, almost died while queuing to buy me some bubble tea. Gosh, that shop needs air ventilation damn it! It doesn’t help that people were buying deep fried shit from that shop.

Hot air + Sweet bubble tea + oily fried food + no air ventilation + tiny shop with tons of people = melted cheezy sweating like a pig

Thank god I survived the ordeal. I’m never buying bubble tea in Chinatown again. They didn’t even have those big chewy tapioca balls, only the small mini ones. I want my money back!

Anyway, Otoko no Hanamichi. I think I mentioned how disappointed I was with the book when I first bought it because I wasn’t prepared for the book to be filled with crack and gags when the cover’s looking like that. Never ever judge a book by its cover. Since I’m a mood for crack BL thanks to Shiawase ni Natte Mimasen ka?, I’ve learned to appreciate this book a lot more.


Lets talk about art. Anything drawn by Kasai Ayumi is just simply drop dead gorgeous. Sadly, her books are lacking in the serious story telling department, judging from Tengu Onmyoudou and Youto Chinkonka even though they’re not even written by her. Yes, I ended up buying all her books ’cause I just resist couldn’t them.

Tengu Onmyoudou is based on the Tales of Genji from a perspective of an onmyouji that is sent to spy on Ushiwakamaru (Yoshitsune’s name before coming of age ceremony, I’m history geek, so bite me). One thing I’ve got to say though, Kuwahata Kuniko, the original author of the book, is quite clever with the way she integrated her own character into something that’s somewhat factual. Turn the onmyouji into the tengu who met Ushiwakamaru while he’s being exiled in the temple up in Kurama.

I’m being side tracked again. Otoko no Hanamichi’s just plain crack and gag. I’ll pick one short which I find it quite… amsing and talk about it. The book has rather lame and cold jokes though. But, there are still some that makes me wonder what’s going on in sensei’s mind while she was writing the script…

There are a few stories in the book and I’ll only explain the first story in detail because the rest is just too crack for me to even describe them. I scanned a few pages as a teaser though.


The story focuses on this poor uke looking dude. He has some serious hormone problems that’s causing everybody to be attracted to him (look at panel 2, everybody’s surrounding him) and they become horny in his presence. Poor guy gets molested by people and his friend (the bulkier one) is always trying to help him.


One thing about his friend though, that guy aims to be an enka singer. He’s pretty much useless anyway. There are so much teasing in the book, example is one scene where this enka singing friend of the uke accidentally spilled water on the uke’s uniform (transparent <3) and the friend helped him wiped the wet splotches away but it ended up being a nipple tease.


This is my favourite part of the story, at least I get what’s going on… This blond haired dude (who is also one of the main character) was bathing with the uke. He suddenly had a hard-on and wanted to leave the bathroom as soon as he can. Unfortunately, there was a bar of soap strategically left on the floor. He stepped on it and slipped on the uke (pic above). He ended up flattening the poor uke and shoving this dick up the poor boy’s butt, and tadaa~ they’re one!


Of course, they have to solve this problem, here’s the scene where they were trying to disengage themselves.

Down below are some previews of gags in the book. Don’t ask me to explain them, ’cause seriously, even I don’t know how to put these into words and retain my sanity.


Overall, it’s a fun book to read when you want to lock yourself in a room, all alone to relax and laugh like a fujoshi gone nuts. Chances of this book being scanlated? Very low, it’s so hard to really express some of the dialogues in English.


7 thoughts on “Otoko no Hanamichi by Kasai Ayumi

  1. Oh gosh, what the heck happened to this book… How can the inside and the cover differ so damn much??!! DDD: The uke was literally flat on his chest… and did he even run home still intact with the uke…? OTLPS: I have always read your blog on firefox! XDD

  2. ;( FF's the wrong way to view my blog. The colour's totally off for my blog's description. Nevermind that, I'm making a new layout right now. :D!XD Hence, don't judge a book by its cover. It's soooooooo different!~ o.O Good question, how did the run home with that dude slapped on this abs like that…

  3. Ohh! Can't wait~ :DDBut its so hard not to judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the surprise on the inside is good, other times its just not… DD:

  4. ;DDDDDD More cute lamb! *cough*;( This one was a little disappointing. I mean, with the drawing style so elegant, you'd think the story will be full of substance… that's more serious. But since I'm on crack BL manga mode, I enjoyed it a lot. So much… fail!

  5. What the *%$@!! When i saw the cover I thought it’ll be a nice school life romance, but when I skimmed through the pictures it was…!?

    • 8D Never judge a book by its cover. I think I learnt dearly with this manga. At least it’s tasteful gag. XD

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