Sneak Peak at Canna Vol 13

IT’S NOT OUT YET but Canna‘s editor has been tweeting about the upcoming volume 13, which is also their one year anniversary issue!!/c_canna <— Visit their twitter page for more preview since I’ve only picked the ones that interest me.

Even though I’m a little sad that Minazuki Akira doesn’t have a full 20+ pages oneshot, at least sensei’s still in there illustrating a short. Even Kojima Lalako‘s in it as well… But why is it only for those short gags ;A;!!

Loser by Ootsuki Miu. In the description there’s a mention about masochist… Hmm…


Unohana‘s oneshot looks really interesting judging from the cover! I love looking at shelves filled with books in real life and it looks so pretty in manga world. As much as I’d love to see them have sex by the shelves, sadly in Canna, seeing characters kiss is usually the most you can get.


Slow Start by Ninoda Asu. The rabbit and turtle are so cute *_*!! I’d read it just for them.


The last part of Sasamaru Yuuge‘s Lyrics End Roll.


Boku no Hero by Manako. Manako’s storytelling leaves you all fluffy and warm in side and I couldn’t stop gushing about how cute her previous oneshot I’ve read in the previous issue (vol 4). I’m definitely looking forward to more of her work!


Can you resist a man with a goatee? Of course not! Tanoshii Apartment Life wo Osugoshi Kudasai by Marei Kengo~


Finally, the reason I’m even buying this volume, Interval Zero by Suzukura Hal. It’s part of the Aozaka (Aosaka?) High School series originally written by Watarumi Naho. This pairing for this story’s the school’s student council president and one of the member in there.


Happening in the same verse as Interval Zero is Kisaragi Manami‘s Junketsu Drop which focuses on another pair. :D!

You can find tons of character sheet, concept sketches and what not on this series in Canna’s Twitter.

If you’re looking for hardcore BL, this isn’t really your cup of tea since it’s shounen ai. The thing about Canna’s titles are that all they give you is this light and fluffy feeling when you’re reading them. Well, there are exceptions, like Okadaya Tetuzoh…

I’ve been buying Canna just for Minazuki Akira and since I’ve already ripped these poor anthology into piees, I took the chance to scan some of the oneshots there for scanlating purposes. It is time this cute and awesome but expensive BL anthology gets known!


4 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at Canna Vol 13

  1. A lot of the titles look really good!! :D Especially that Interval Zero series, I am a sucker for semi-related (gay by the dozens) stories! XD

  2. Quick! Polish thy Japanese skills and translate them for meeeeee *hugs* :D I'll just scan and share the raw with you, if you like XD!

  3. I'll er… save them into jpeg and upload online. o/ You'd be spammed with files later (er after Wednesday, ;A;)

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